Sorrento Therapeutics Inc. posted impressive results from an independent study performed by INMEGEN, according to a news release by Sorrento Therapeutics on Sunday.

  • The study sought to evaluate the performance and validity of the COVISTIXTM rapid antigen test for the detection of SARS-CoV-2 in an unselected population and compare it to PanbioTM rapid antigen test and RT-PCR.
  • The study results revealed that for the population tested with COVISTIXTM (n=783), specificity and sensitivity were 96% and 81%, respectively, as for the PanbioTM(n=2202) population, was 99.0% and 62%, respectively.
  • Higher COVISTIX sensitivity implies fewer false negatives, which is critical to managing the spread of COVID-19 virus infection and prevention of the COVID-19 disease. Superior sensitivity result is impressive in a real-world population of all-comers.

In reference to the findings, the COVISTIXTM rapid antigen test reveals high performance in all comers, making it also adequate for testing patients who have passed the peak of viral shedding or for asymptomatic patients. SRNE up +2.10%.