Shopify posted a 41% revenue growth in the last three months of 2021 but expects this to decelerate in the first quarter of the year, the company announced in a filing.

  • Fourth-quarter revenues climbed to $1.380 billion, up from $977.744 million the same quarter in 2020. This includes $1.028 billion of revenues from merchant solutions and $351.208 million worth of subscription solutions.
  • The company expects year-on-year growth to decelerate in the first quarter of 2022, as it does not expect COVID-driven e-commerce acceleration in the first half of the year. It expects the highest revenue growth in the fourth quarter.
  • Shopify recorded a quarterly net loss of $373.311 million, a reversal of the $123.872-million net income the past year. Diluted loss per share for the quarter stood at $2.95, versus the income per share of $0.99.
  • Full-year revenue stood at $4.611 billion, up from $2.929 billion in 2020. Net income climbed to $2.914 billion from $319.509 million, and diluted earnings per share grew to $22.90 from $2.59.

Shopify believes merchant solutions revenue growth will be more than twice the rate of subscription solutions revenue growth year-on-year. SHOP is down 6.30%.