BiondVax Shares surged 35% after signing a deal with the Max Planck Society in the development of nanoAb antibodies, according to a press release by BiondVax on Thursday.

  • BiondVax will have exclusive rights for a global license at pre-agreed commercial terms for further development and commercialization of each generated NanoAb.
  • The NanoAbs initially developed by BiondVax’s collaborators depict valuable competitive advantages over existing therapies, including strong binding affinity, stability at high temperatures, and possible effective routes of administration.
  • The strategic collaboration targets signal the growing market sizes where the NanoAb advantages have the possibility of capturing a huge market share.
  • BiondVax is planning to develop a radical path leveraging the company’s expertise and capabilities in biological drug development and manufacturing.

The development of NanoAbs under today’s agreement has already started, and initial human clinical trial results are expected in 2023. BVXV: NASDAQ up +35.04%.