Shares of state-owned Russian Bank Sberbank plunge 50.58% after Vladimir Putin launched a full-scale military invasion of Ukraine, according to a report by FT on Thursday.

  • Moscow’s stock exchange halted all trading on Thursday after pre-market index plunged significantly. When trading restarted, the share index tumbled nearly 45%.
  • The rouble deteriorated by almost tenth against the US dollar to a record low of Rbs 89.99.
  • Meanwhile, Brent crude prices surged nearly 7.2% to over $103 per barrel, the most first time the international oil benchmark has topped the $100 threshold starting 2014.
  • European natural gas contracts topped by more than 30% to €117 per megawatt hour. Global equities markets also dropped. Hong Kong’s Hang Seng share index fell more than 3%.

European shares opened lower as futures markets signaled that US stocks would fall later in the day. SBER down -49.56%.