French pharmaceutical firm Sanofi SA is pouring in some $477 million into messenger RNA vaccine research, WSJ reported.

  • The investment will finance the development of at least six new candidate vaccines in human testing by 2025, as the company embraces mRNA technology moving forward.
  • The company will also establish a research center that will house 400 researchers dedicated to vaccines based on mRNA.
  • Sanofi Research and Development Chief Jean-Francois Toussaint said the COVID-19 pandemic highlighted the potential of mRNA technologies to deliver new vaccines faster than before.
  • Sanofi did not elaborate on the diseases it would cover, but it earlier said it was working on an mRNA vaccine candidate for flu in partnership with Translate Bio Inc. The two firms first partnered in 2018 for mRNA vaccine research.

Sanofi is in the process of developing a COVID-19 vaccine with GlaxoSmithKline that is not based on mRNA technology.

SAN is down 0.58%, while GSK is up 0.25%.