Russia has launched a full-blown invasion of Ukraine to mark the worst security crisis in the postwar era, Bloomberg reported.

GAZP is down 40.74%.

  • Russian President Vladimir Putin has ordered the demilitarization of Ukraine and has committed to overthrowing its leaders, with the launch of missiles, artillery, and air attacks early on Thursday.
  • Russian tank columns have entered Ukraine, with the capital Kyiv under attack and citizens urged to seek shelters. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy has since imposed martial law, noting battles in the north, the east, and the south.
  • Prior to the attacks, Putin said Russia had no plans to “occupy” Ukraine, but defended its actions as it said the United States and its allies breached “red lines” with the expansion of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization alliance.
  • Putin seeks to oust the “Kyiv regime,” calling on Ukrainian forces to disarm themselves while making a commitment to bring justice to those who were involved in “multiple bloody crimes against civilians,” referring to the administration.

US President Joe Biden said he will hold a call with his Group of Seven peers to look into the situation. Heads of the European Union are also set to meet.