There are many automated trading systems in the market with each promising to provide users with returns. However, not all these truly fulfil what they promise. A few truly functional system you’ll find are commonly very expensive and hard to find. While sifting through the enormous list of automated trading systems, our attention is drawn particularly to the RoFx forex trading robot especially the exclusive loss coverage feature included in the package.

We decided to closely review the system to check how truly effective the system. Below are what we found:

Great for Novice traders

The trading platform makes it easy for novice traders to make money trading forex right from their first trade. The platform is great for jumpstarting your trading career. It eliminates guesswork out of trading and makes it easy for you to make money even as a beginner.

High-tech and complex AI robot system

The AI robot system does all the job for you. All you do is relax and see your profits come in real-time. Besides, placing trades for you, the system allows you to attain trading consistency. It makes use of an automated trading plan which utilizes real traders’ experience and intelligent algorithms to achieve results.

High-tech and complex AI robot system

RoFx automated trading platform

It is easy to create an account on the platform and you can do this free. All you need to begin is your first and second name, email address, your country, and phone number.

Once you sign up for an account, you’ll get a collection of very detailed reports that’ll help you to understand the system. These report would make it easy for you to supervise all the activities of the forex robot within your account.

You can buy a different type of membership including the trial package, the easy start package, and the MoneyMaker package. However, the Moneymaker package yields better profits. Also, the performance charge for the package is cheaper than the others. You can even use the account as a Bitcoin saving account especially if your BTC package expires. The system offers fast BTC withdrawal and only take 30 minutes to complete the transaction. The trading result obtained from trading two Moneymaker package account is illustrated in the screenshot below:

RoFx automated trading platform

From the “history menu”, you can as well oversee your account transactions including checking the profit made and the applicable performance fees.

RoFx automated trading platform

All-inclusive statistics analysis

Another benefit of using the system is an all-inclusive account statistics and analysis. The information will help you to gain insights about trading and gradually help to build your confidence. So, you don’t only make money with the system, the system educates you on how the profits are made

All-inclusive statistics analysis

Daily Trading Reports

With the trading system, you also get a daily trading report. This reflects all trading activities performed by the robot on your account each day. You can either access it through your account by clicking on the trading report tab on your account or by going to myfxbook.

Daily Trading Reports

Complete Account management

The system completely manages everything about your trading account. You don’t need to do anything or require prior trading knowledge to benefit from the system. The trading history report makes it easy for you to monitor the activities of the trading robot.

As normal with trading, you are not going to profit from trade every day but the best part of it is that you’ll never lose your invested fund. The AutoTrader protects you from loosing out on trades. This is great as it takes years of hard work in the market to trade with such confidence. But this is what the system offers you on the go even if you’re a novice in the market.

Besides, it eliminates all issues with trading emotion, lets you easily achieve trading consistency and ensures you regular passive income.

Complete Account management

VIP PAMM package

Besides the other benefits of the system to the regular user, you can now sign up for the VIP PAMM package. This comes with a lot of benefits including:

  • You have complete control of your funds with any broker you prefer.
  • Your fund is transferred straight to your chosen brokerage.
  • You can withdraw fund at will, 24/7.

Free withdrawals

Another great feature of the system is its free withdrawals offer. When the package expires you get compensated for the bank charges. You also get compensated, when you fund your account to increase your trading balance.

Overall security of funds

The system comes with an impressive level of security which assures you the safety of your fund. The auto trading robot makes use of the stop loss feature and this limits loss in the event the fx robot places a losing trade. Besides, the system is not traded on leverage. The account is managed only with your fund and that of the company. To cap it all, if you ever lose out on trades, you are completely covered with the company’s reserve funds.

Excellent customer service

You get 24/7 online customer service support. Besides, the customer service personnel patiently answers all your questions. So, you get an answer to all your questions which is helpful every step of the way.

Is RoFX regulated?

RoFX is regulated. His correspondence with legit top American, European, and Asian brokerage firms is a clear sign of its legitimeness. These brokers are licensed and regularly inspected by the corresponding authorities, however RoFX itself is a software company and owner of deep learning technology. RoFx does not need to be regulated directly.

Why use the automated trading system?

  • 0.38% average daily or up to 10% monthly profit
  • No withdrawal fee
  • They offer one of the best Bitcoin prices on the market
  • Easy to use user-friendly interface
  • 24 hours Bitcoin funding
  • Fully automated trading solution
  • AI integrated into the auto trader
  • The trading system offers loss coverage guarantee through reserve funds, so users will never lose their money with it.
  • You don’t require any special knowledge and trading experience to use the system.
  • The AutoTrader performs all the trading activities for you. You just enjoy daily profits
  • No downloads required
  • User-friendly web-wallet
  • Payment methods include bank transfer, Visa/MasterCard, Bitcoin acceptable
  • You can track Trading result on MyFxbook account with open trade history
  • VIP PAMM package available with benefits like direct funds` transfer to your account at the preferred broker and easy withdrawal at any time


  • Pricey system
  • Complicated system

The system is actually somewhat complicated. Thankfully, you don’t have to figure out the ins and outs of the system. It is much more than an ordinary trading robot but a high-tech auto trading system which integrates AI technology!

The Wrap Up

There are a few things we discovered that make the trading system worth trying especially the loss guarantee coverage. Overall, you are really not losing anything investing in the system since any possible trading loss you’ll incur is already covered. Besides, you don’t have to do the trading yourself or have a prior trading knowledge to succeed with the system.

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