Robinhood FX EA is a robot that has a presentation that we have seen many times in the past. It looks like the developers renamed the system and started selling it once again. The main claim is “One of the most profitable Forex robots.”

Robinhood FX EA: characteristics

We have little details explained about the robot functionality as usual. 

  • The advisor works completely automatically on the terminal. We may not do anything extra.
  • The robot works 24/7 on the terminal for us. 
  • We have a money-management feature. 
  • The system doesn’t have a Martingale option. 
  • It cuts losses as quickly as possible.
  • The devs claimed that “the real trading systems don’t have such a nice equity curve. They have their drawdown and stagnation.” 
  • Good EAs must have smooth growth charts. 
  • We have to start trading by working on a demo account. 
  • It should generate stable profits on a monthly basis.
  • There are two features behind the system: “Real Proper Capital Management and Specific and carefully calculated Trade Entries and exits.”
  • It makes calculations about lot sizes.
  • The system has a broker spy module. 
  • The stop losses are very tight. 
  • It sets an order on the market only if conditions are met. 
  • If something doesn’t match, it stays away from the market. 
  • It handles any market conditions. 
  • Risk management is based on an automatic lot based on the current balance.
  • We are free to work with any broker that we want. 
  • It supports ECN, STP, Micro, or Cent accounts.
  • There’s a built-in magic number.
  • Default settings are good to go for this system. 
  • We can trade on EURUSD. 
  • The main time frame to place orders is H1. 
  • The advisor requires $200 for a 0.01 lot size. 
  • We may start working without any Forex-related experience at all. 

Currency pairs, strategy & timeframe

  • The system acts like a Grid strategy, but the devs don’t tell this. 
  • It works with EURUSD. 
  • The only time frame is H1.

Robinhood FX EA trading performance

We have no backtest reports revealed about how the system worked on the past broker tick data. It means that the system could have no proper testing at all. It doesn’t allow us to know what trading results we can rely on. The accuracy rate is a very important part of the final report. 

Robinhood FX EA trading results.

The system has been working on a real CNH account. The closed profit is $300.37. We have no deals floating on the market now. 

Robinhood FX EA statistics.

The total return is 101.3%. An average monthly gain is 41.9%. The win rate is 85.1%. The profit factor is 8.11. An average trade frequency is 0.8 deals a day. The account has been in use for 62 days. 

Robinhood FX EA risks.

The system works with 2.49 of the RIO. The risk of ruin is 5.5%. An average trade length is 20.4 hours. An average result is $6.39. An average win is $8.56 when an average loss is -$6.03. 

Robinhood FX EA directions.

It prefers trading a Buy direction over a Sell direction. 

Robinhood FX EA magic number.

There’s a single magic number in the system. 

Robinhood FX EA weekly activities.

Wednesday is the most actively traded day with 18 orders. Most of the profits were obtained on Friday, $134.92. 

Robinhood FX EA daily trading activities

It focuses on trading two sessions: European and American. 

Robinhood FX EA monthly trading results

September 2021 is more actively traded than August 2021. 

Robinhood FX EA closed orders.

We may note that the system uses quite extensive Grids of orders where some of the deals were closed with losses. 

How much does it cost?

Robinhood FX EA pricing.

We have three packages introduced. The Basic pack costs $127. There’s one real account license, one demo account, and 24/5 support. The Regular pack is available for $147. There are two real, and two demo accounts applied. The Business pack costs $167, and it’s featured by three real and three demo accounts. 

Reviews from customers

Robinhood FX EA testimonials.

There’s a page of Robinhood EA on Forex Peace Army. We have only one comment there. 

Robinhood FX EA testimonials.

We have a single faceless positive comment on the site. We can’t trust it, of course. 

Should you use Robinhood FX EA?

Trading results are providedNo team revealed 
No risk advice given 
No backtest reports provided 
The robot works with a single symbol only
No refund policy supported 
No customer feedback written


Robinhood FX EA is a system that we have seen many times in previous reincarnations for several years, not less. It always works with EURUSD only. This time is not an exception. The robot is such a young trading solution to talk about it, something relevant for sure. We may want to keep tracking its trading results.