Chinese-based RLX Technology unveiled its latest upgrade of its minor protection system Sunflower System, according to a report by PR Newswire on Thursday.

  • RLX will use the newest system integrating big data risk management and artificial intelligence to make age verification process compulsory in RELX-branded stores in China. The company exclusively sells its products in mainland China.
  • The new version—Sunflower System 3.0 will be installed in the in-store point-of-sale machine, which means any customers seeking to make a purchase will need to verify their ID, name, and face before the system can create orders.
  • With the older version, Sunflower System 2.0 adopted ID and facial recognition technologies to ensure that only adults can buy products in its stores.
  • Meanwhile, Zhang Di, head of RLX’s Data Technology stated that the successful adoption of Sunflower System 2.0 depends on the willingness and efforts to cooperate from both staff and customers.

Sunflower System 3.0 also offers an option to use a Chinese ID card to pass age verification for the elderly and people with disabilities who find the system complex to use. RLX down -3.33% Pre-market trading.