RevenueBot is advertised as a trading solution designed to make profits on the market. The system was created in a purpose to allow us to earn crypto on the top crypto exchanges. It has some greatly performing trading setups. Let’s check this out. 

RevenueBot: what is it?


The bot helps us with automatic orders execution on our account on crypto exchanges. We may just supervise its trading activities. 

Background of RevenueBot

The developers don’t provide us with information about the system’s background and what we have to expect from it.  We don’t know details about the developers or the team members that stand behind this trading tool.

Official RevenueBot website

The site provides us with information about how the system functions, what features it has, and what we have to wait for. 

How does it help to make money?

We have systemized all available features in the following list.

  • The system can support us with executing orders automatically. 
  • The robot is called the ultimate money-making machine. 
  • We can register on the site for free. 
  • We may choose crypto pairs and exchanges. 
  • The platform created API keys for our exchange. 
  • We should work from our wallet directly.
  • There are various settings, templates, and bots. 
  • We can work with it automatically 24/7. 
  • It uses a strategy based on Martingale. 
  • The system is a percentage-based trading solution. 
  • There are no hidden fees or charges. 
  • It can provide us with all possible statistics: cycles, orders, profits, and referral. 
  • We can check simulation trading to give the system proper testing before going live. 
  • The system can trade on the cloud 24/7. 
  • All crypto assets will be stored on our account only. 
  • The robot is already configured and it’s ready to use. 
  • There’s a knowledge base with the list of possible settings changes. 
  •  There are over 16,258 activated bots. 
  • The advisor uses a smart Grid of orders as one of the strategies. 
  • There’s a volume of orders added based on Martingale. 
  • We can manage this data manually. 
  • The developers create operating events. 
  • It requires the market to be more volatile to be profitable. 
  • It uses data from the following indicators: RSI, CCI, Bollinger Bands.
  • The backtest feature allows us to work for a period of 60 days. 
  • There are leverage possibilities up to x125. 
  • We can save different presets for various bots. 
  • It’s possible to get signals from TradingView. 
  • There’s a time filter to avoid trading during determined periods. 
  • We can work with trailing stop loss features. 
  • It’s possible to subscribe to various signals that will be executed automatically. 
  • Trading pirs can be switched based on the data from the volatility analyzer. 
  • The devs charge 20% commissions from profitable trades daily. 
  • There’s no monthly fee charged.

How easy to use is it?

The developers claimed that there should be many customizations performed. So, most likely, it’s not beginner friendly. 

What about the privacy and security of RevenueBot?

The system works through API keys. So, the account won’t be withdrawn or exploited. 

What is the profitability of RevenueBot?

We don’t know this for sure because the developers don’t provide us with trading results. This doesn’t allow us to know what profitability we can expect. 

What exchanges does it support?

A client can work with the well-known exchanges: Binance, Bitfinex, Bittrex, Poloniex, Exmo, FTX,, HitBTC, OKex, Kraken, Kucoin, Binance Future USDS-M & COIN-M.

How is customer service?

We can’t be sure that support is great because we have no testimonials written about it. 

What are the pros and cons of trading with RevenueBot?


  • Commission based payment


  • No team revealed 
  • No risk advice given 
  • No backtest reports provided 
  • No trading results shown 
  • No people’s testimonials available

Is RevenueBot right for you?

We don’t know because without trading results it’s impossible to predict if the system makes profits on the real market. 

RevenueBot conclusion: no trading results provided 

RevenueBot is a trading solution that has an average presentation about the features and trading possibilities. Alas, the developers don’t provide us with proof of profitability. The system doesn’t have actual trading results or at least backtest reports. So, it’s not possible to predict how it will work for us.