Redshift Characteristics

Redshift is designed by Marco Solito and published on the well-known EA’s platform (MQL5 market) on December 31, 2020. It was updated several times. The current version is 1.80.

Redshift: Characteristics

There are some features explained. It’s not enough to make a wise decision, but it’s at least something:

  • Redshift was designed to run charts automatically.
  • The robot was tested with 99.90% modeling quality, real spreads, and slippages. 
  • The money-management system covers all open deals with calculating and placing SL and TP levels.
  • The expert advisor can be used on every broker without any restriction.
  • The system requires an ECN account to work with the lowest possible spreads.
  • The same we have for a VPS service. It increases execution speed by 50-200 times compared with the home PC.
  • We can set the leverage on the lowest possible level 1:10 or increase it.
  • The minimum deposit can be $100.
  • If we write a testimonial (positive?), we can get another copy of the product for free.
  • There’s an MT5 version available as well.
  • We have a list of all settings grouped up: Redshift Settings, Money Management Settings, Indicators Settings, Trading Hour, Trading Days, Trading Directions, and Trading Settings.

Currency Pairs, Strategy & Timeframe

  • The MACD indicator that is used for trend trading can find the best Entry Points for new trades.
  • The robot doesn’t use Grid or Martingale, as the developers insisted.
  • It works with five cross pairs USD/CAD, AUD/USD, EUR/USD, GBP/USD, and USD/JPY.
  • The time frame, according to the following backtest, is M15.

Redshift Trading Performance

Redshift Backtests

There are several backtest reports. It’s a USD/CAD backtest on the M15 time frame. The period was from 2003.08.05 until 2020.12.30. The modeling quality was 99.90% with variable spreads. An initial deposit was set at $100. The Total Net Profit has become $5,226,525. The maximum drawdown was 4.27%. Redshift has traded 4282 trades with a 93% of the win-rate for Shorts and 92% for Longs. The win-streak was fourteen deals.

Redshift Backtests

So, we found a single account to check. There were two more, but they were removed.

Redshift Myfxbook

Redshift works on a real USD account with a 5% risk on the LMFX broker. It uses technical indicators from MetaTrader 4 platform. It executes deals automatically. The leverage is 1:250. The account has Verified Track Record and Trading Privileges Verified icons. It was created on February 01, 2021, and funded at $2469.52. Since then, the absolute gain has become +9.23%. The chart of Growth is wild and unpredictable, with easy-to-catch drawdowns on it. An average monthly gain is +4.78%. The maximum drawdown is 9.88%.

Redshift advanced statistics

Redshift performed 122 deals with only 574.2 pips. An average win is 14.63 pips. It’s over five times more than an average loss of -78.54 pips. The win-rate is 88% for Longs (55/62) and 90% for Shorts (54/60). An average trade length is 1 day. The Profit Factor is 1.41.

Redshift trading results

As we can see, we can’t say it works stable. The most-traded symbol is USD/CAD with 30 deals, but the most profitable is EUR/USD with $172.07.

Redshift trading results

The robot trades during Asian and American sessions, almost skipping the main one – European.

Redshift trading results

The less traded days are Tuesday (21 deals) and Wednesday (22 deals).

Redshift trading results

The robot started working with a better level of risks to the account balance. It has decreased from 70% or so to 15.22% for several months.

Redshift trading results

The system uses the Trailing Stop Loss feature to cover deals and close them with profits after the trend ends.

Redshift trading results

There are open orders shown. 

Redshift monthly gain

Both months were profitable, but the robot doesn’t work stably for now.

How much does it cost?

Redshift price

We have been seeing the last unsold copy for several weeks or even more. The next ten copies of the product will be from $599. This pricing was set when a copy costs $499, not like $399 now.

Redshift price
  • Redshift costs $399 for a digital copy.
  • There’s a one-month rent for $348. 
  • The rental price is unfriendly. 
  • We can demo download the system to check the setting and test it on the terminal.
  • There’s no refund policy provided. It’s common for offers on MQL5.

Reviews from customers

Redshift Reviews from customers
Redshift Reviews from customers

Almost all the last comments prove that the robot is not that profitable as it should be.

Should You Use Redshift?

A developer is a real personNo strategy explanations provided
Settings explanations providedThe previous account trading results were removed
Money-management advice givenThe price is a bit high as for an unstable trading solution
Backtest reports publishedNo money-back-guarantee provided
Real account trading results


Redshift runs on a real account trend and counter-trend strategies. The presentation is short and doesn’t answer all our questions. The trading results show that the system isn’t stable for now. The robot should be checked for several months, not less, because it’s a young trading solution to invest now.