ProHT Trend EA is a multi-currency trading system that closes positions using total orders Percent profit. The robot features several settings, which you can tweak to meet your trading needs and style. Join us to discover more about the product and learn whether it is worthwhile or a waste of time. 

The presentation doesn’t include any useful information about the creators of this system. We have no names, career profiles, location, trading experience, time in the market, etc. So, trying to gauge the team’s reputation and trustworthiness is an exercise in futility. 

ProHT Trend EA: characteristics

These are the key features of the robot as listed by the vendor:

  • The system works with any fast execution broker.
  • It can support any account type, including cent, standard, and ECN accounts.
  • The dev offers free updates for users.
  • The recommended leverage is from 1:30 to 1:2000.
  • It trades on your account 24/5.
  • Each trading pair needs to have a different magic number 

Currency pairs, strategy, & timeframe

The system works with 7 different cross pairs, which are EURUSD, GBPUSD, AUDUSD, CADCHF, EURCAD, USDCAD, and USDCHF. The devs recommend that you use the H1-H4 timeframes while trading with the bot. A collection of different strategies are applied when searching for entry points into the market. These include trend, reverse trend, support/resistance, volumes size, and fake “break out” filters.  Sadly, none is explained.

ProHT Trend EA trading performance

The EA’s backtest report is available on Myfxbook. Let’s get a closer look at the stats below to see how the bot behaves when it is subjected to historical data. 

Backtest results.

We have a short testing period of 1 year, from March 2021 to March 2022. At the time, a total of 5790 trades were completed on the M1 chart using a deposit of $10000. As a result, both short and long positions attained a 94% win rate. This translated to a huge profit amount equivalent to $20494458.77. 

A profit factor of 5.43 and a monthly profit rate of 82.3% were reported. These figures make ProHT look like a very successful trader. The drawdown (11.92%) generated was low, an indication that low-risk trading was used. 

Trading stats on Myfxbook.

At the moment, the system is running a demo USD account, which was opened a few weeks ago on Myfxbook. So far, the account’s worth has increased by 7.04%. This is after it made a $704.43 profit from a deposit of $10,000, increasing the balance to $10,704.43. The monthly profit is 7.04%, while the drawdown rate is 6.53%. The latter parameter depicts ProHT as a safe trader. 

Performance of trades.

There are 318 completed trades with a profit factor of 1.43. A total of $61.26 has been used to pay commissions hence reducing the user’s income. We have win rates of 70% for both long and short positions, along with 18.72 traded lots. The system holds an order for about 18h 3m before closing it. To date, the pips won are 1403. 

Monthly gains.

The EA managed to achieve a profitability rate of 7.47% in March. April hasn’t been profitable yet as we have losses only. This situation may either improve or worsen as the month progresses. 

Trading history.

Grids of orders were placed during trading, and a series of huge losses were made as a consequence, even eroding some of the gains made. The SL targets possibly prevented the system from incurring more losses. 

Risk of ruin.

According to the above stats, the entire account can be wiped out if the EA makes 583 consecutive losses, which is highly unlikely as of now. 

How much does it cost?

ProHT Trend is sold at a price of $120, down from $400. This cost reduction is welcome as it makes the system more price-friendly and accessible to many traders. A money-back guarantee is not offered, which is disappointing. 

Reviews from customers

Customers have not shared their experiences with this system till now. The lack of feedback may make some traders doubt the credibility and efficiency of the EA. 

Should you use ProHT Trend EA?

Low drawdownThe grid strategy is present
Cost-friendlyNo reviews from customers
Short trading period


The EA has managed to trade safely for the few weeks it has been active on Myfxbook based on the low drawdown generated. Unfortunately, the grid strategy on the board presents some significant risks to the capital. We have seen how it made the account incur huge losses recently. So, it is important to monitor the account’s performance a while longer before making any purchase decision.