Price Action Forex is a weird company with a logo that we have seen many times under another name. The developers claim that they can provide us with “Redefine Stress Free Trading.” We don’t know if it’s possible to use this service if it could be released under another name. So, we are here to help you to make a final decision.

Price Action Forex: characteristics

The system has a short presentation that doesn’t reveal the system at its best. We have to guess much:

  • The indicator provides us with information when it’s the right time to place an order. 
  • The devs use Price Action to spot trading opportunities. 
  • There’s a weird claim that there are “over 701,463 traders trusting this strategy worldwide.”
  • It’s impossible to trust this. 
  • We can work with it on Forex, Indices, Commodities, Stocks, and other financial instruments.
  • The devs have 13 years of proper trading experience. 
  • “We can enhance our trading knowledge with free trading analysis.”
  • If we have questions we may ask them directly to the developers. 
  • There’s an “entrance ticket” mentioned. It’s unclear. 
  • We can expect that the support will be 24/7. 
  • The win rate is able to be as high as 90%. 
Price Action Forex products.
Price Action Forex products.
  • The developers mentioned that there are several products on the board. 
Price Action Forex indicator introduction.
  • There’s a “secret” behind it. It’s another unclear claim. 
  • There’s their own trading strategy. 
  • “The world’s leading banks control over 79% of the Forex volumes. And this provides the power to control the prices in the short-run and long run. Traders try to apply strategies to the market which is not controlled by them. This is the reason for such a high failure rate in this market.”
  • PAFX Secret Indicator is designed based on the “secret strategy.”
  • It trades when the bank trades. 
  • “Banks frequently manipulate asset prices to hunt for retail traders’ stop losses. How they do it is by raiding prices above or below supply demand zones, significant highs, and lows.”
Price Action Forex strategy explanations.
  • It provides analysis of a break-out strategy to measure the market parameters for making a decision of generating a signal.  
  • The devs claim that “if we see, the price has broken a high, but the indicator has not, it simply means that the high is fake and we should look for selling opportunities. Vice versa, if the price has broken a low, but the indicator has not, it means that the low is fake and we should look for buying opportunities.”

Currency pairs, strategy & timeframe

  • The main strategy is price action – breakout cases. 
  • We can work with any cross pair. 
  • The information concerning the time frame is not mentioned.  

Price Action Forex trading performance

The presentation is disappointing us because we have neither trading results nor backtest reports.

The backtest reports are the important part of the design of every robot or indicator. Only rough tests can show that the system is ready to be released as a product. So, they must have done them. If they didn’t show them to us it means that there should have been something wrong. 

The mirror picture we have when we talk about trading results. The developers don’t show us trading activities that could show that the system is good to go. The vendor should risk his or her money to start an account and to trade there. 

How much does it cost?

Price Action Forex offer.
Price Action Forex offer.
Price Action Forex offer.

We can purchase the system for $79. The original price was $100. So, this one is with a discount. We can expect to get after purchasing a product, some trading ideas with average frequency, backtest, and educational book. The money-back guarantee is not provided. 

Reviews from customers

Customer testimonials.

We found a page of Price Action Ltd on FPA. It shows that there were 55 reviews written that formed a 1.4 rate. We have no trading accounts connected to it. 

Customer testimonials.

We may note that there were no happy clients at all. It means that the company is an iconic scam. 

Should you use Price Action Forex?

The service has a page created on Forex Peace Army No team revealed 
No risk or money management advice given 
No backtest reports provided 
The devs don’t make money on a real account using it
No refund policy 
People testimonials showed that the system is a scam


Price Action Forex Ltd is a scam company that has been reborn under this name. The service is still horrible and the indicator is not profitable. The devs don’t provide backtest reports or trading results. The testimonials show that the indicator is a scam trading solution and should be avoided.