Global news platforms and social media sites were temporarily inaccessible for an hour on Tuesday due to an outage that hit cloud delivery network provider Fastly Inc., Reuters reported.

Fastly Inc chart
  • Websites affected include Al Jazeera Media Network, Amazon, CNN, Financial Times, GitHub,, HBO Max, Hulu, PayPal, Quora, Reddit, Shopify, Spotify, Stack Overflow, Stripe, Switch, The Guardian, The New York Times, Vimeo.
  • Outages lasted from a few minutes to an hour and were linked to an issue on cloud company Fastly. The provider later said the issue was identified and a fix was applied. It noted that the issue was a “global CDN disruption.”
  • Platforms came up with temporary solutions while their websites were inaccessible. Some took to Twitter while others posted content via Google Docs.

Media content is usually cached at CDNs so it does not need to pass on the original server. FSLY is up 1.91%, while AMZN is up 0.72%.