Ethereum scaling solution Polygon has unveiled a new network for Web3 development, committing $100M to early users, according to a press release by Polygon on Friday.

  • The Polygon Supernet chain allows developers the ability to build their projects in a customizable ecosystem without hosting and operational costs.
  • Developers will install their projects on either a Supernet Sovereign Chain or Supernet Shared Security Chain, which cuts maintenance costs.
  • Even though supernets depend on Polygon Edge, a development framework for projects that create and deploy their blockchains, they expand beyond the platform’s initial scope by adding more security and decentralization features.
  • Sandeep Nailwal, a co-founder of Polygon, stated that supernets would improve its protocol’s goal of bringing mass adoption to Web3, further noting such developments are vital to promoting widescale blockchain adoption.

Polygon is seeking to allocate $100M to developers who want to build on the network, enhancing the adoption of supernets. MATICUSD up +3.74% BTC USD down -0.15%