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Point Zero Trading features

The developer noticed that he has over 10 years of Forex-related experience. The software is unique and secure. 

PZ Grid Trading EA: Characteristics

There are not so many products that have verified trading results. PZ Grid Trading EA is one of the minority. The robot was published on February 24, 2019. The current version is 18.2. The system was updated on October 15, 2020.

PZ Grid Trading EA: Characteristics

The robot has few details explained – the presentation is too short to be a professional one:

  • PZ Grid Trading EA works fully automatically on the terminal without a need for human intervention.
  • The main strategy is a Grid of orders.
  • The system is easy to set up on the terminal.
  • It is time-frame independent.
  • The robot doesn’t need data from indicators or some extra analysis to place trades.
  • It focuses on Price Range instead of trading setups.
  • The system doesn’t need to forecast where the market goes.
  • It allows “extracting” money from the market “regularly.”
  • We can configure the Grid settings and range on the fly.
  • The risks can be precalculated to make a wise decision.
  • The system can be applied to Forex, CFD, and Futures financial instruments.
PZ Grid Trading EA: Characteristics
  • The presentation provides some settings, explanations, and advice.

Currency Pairs, Strategy & Timeframe

  • The system is based on a Grid trading strategy.
  • It uses the intrinsic wavy nature of the market.
  • It uses fixed price levels to enter and exit trades in one or both directions.
  • These trades can generate from 20 to 200 pip of profit.
  • It works with any symbol we want.

PZ Grid Trading EA Trading Performance

PZ Grid Trading EA Trading Performance

There’s a EUR/USD backtest report on the D1 time frame. The period was chosen from 2008 to 2016. The modeling quality was 99.90%. The spreads were set at ten pips. An initial deposit was $10,000. The total net profit was $12,690.68. The Profit Factor was 7.34. The maximum drawdown was medium – 21.98%. There were 1353 trades traded in total. The Shorts direction win-rate was 100%. The Longs win-rate was 94.74%.

PZ Grid Trading EA Trading Performance

The developer stopped using his robot several years ago.

PZ Grid Trading EA Myfxbook

PZ Grid Trading worked on the real USD account through a ForexTime broker. The system used technical data from MT4 to trade automatically. The leverage was set at 1:500. The account had a verified track record but didn’t have verified trading privileges. It was created on June 01, 2015, deposited at $1,814.46, and withdrawn at $518.86. The absolute gain was +228.41%.

PZ Grid Trading EA drawdown

The expert advisor used to work with sky-high and unfriendly drawdowns.

PZ Grid Trading EA advanced statistics

There were 228 deals with 14879.1 pips traded. An average win was 202.84 pips when an average loss was seven times higher – 1448.14 pips. The win-rate was 87% for Longs and 94% for Shorts. An average trade length was two days. The Profit Factor was 2.60.

PZ Grid Trading EA trading results

It tried to trade many financial instruments, but the most traded and profitable was Gold with 95 trades and $1002.94 of a profit.

PZ Grid Trading EA trading results

The robot focused on trading during the European and the first part of the American trading sessions.

PZ Grid Trading EA trading results

Tuesday with 54 deals and Wednesday with 51 deals were the most traded days.

PZ Grid Trading EA trading results

The robot worked with quite high risks to the account balance, not because of % in risks, but because the system used to experience huge and consistent drawdowns.

PZ Grid Trading EA trading results

We have no idea why this account was stopped after these shiny trading results. So, if you mind about this system you’d better ask this directly. 

PZ Grid Trading EA monthly gain

The account was live for several months many years ago.

How much does it cost?

PZ Grid Trading EA price
  • The robot costs $249 for a digital copy.
  • There are three rental options provided: a one-month subscription for $49, a three-month subscription for $99, and a six-month subscription for $199.
  • We can download it for free to check settings on the terminal and perform some backtest reports.

Reviews from customers

PZ Grid Trading EA Reviews from customers

The person noticed that the robot trades without SL level placing. We don’t know if it’s true or just SL levels covered from a broker to prevent being hunted.

Should You Use PZ Grid Trading EA?

Backtest reports publishedNo money-management advice given
Settings explanations providedNo present trading results available
The robot has the affordable offerNo money-back-guarantee provided
No people testimonials are published
The robot has no rate


PZ Grid Trading EA is one of many products in the Point Zero trading portfolio. Alas, it’s not the best one, but almost 90% of the released systems have no trading results. Trading results showed that the robot was profitable over five years ago. Now, the system is a cat in the bag. We have no idea how it runs the charts under current market conditions. There is a lack of customer’ testimonials that would make it clear for us. So, the robot is not an option for use in 2021.