PipFinite EA Trend PRO is a Forex expert advisor that works with trends to make some profits from the market volatility. The presentation looks short and not informative. We’d like to figure out if this system is a viable option. 

PipFinite EA Trend PRO: characteristics

Let’s talk about details, settings, strategies, and other explanations. 

  • The advisor was designed to trade fully automatically for us on the terminal. 
  • It can work on the MT4 or MT5 platform (there are two versions of the system offered). 
  • The devs inform us that “EA Trend PRO trades the signal of PipFinite Trend PRO and manages the trade depending on the user’s preference.”
  • There are many customizable features implemented. 
  • The system includes “Entry and Exit Filters, Higher Timeframe Filter, Stop Loss, Takeprofit, Breakeven, Trailing Stop, News Filter.” 
  • The system allows us to “make our trading more convenient and accurate.”
  • We can decide what combination of settings we’d like to trade. 
  • The default settings aren’t optimized. 
  • The developers will share with us the settings files. 
PipFinite EA Trend PRO list of settings.
  • We may read details of settings from the list. 

Currency pairs, strategy & timeframe

  • It works based on a Trend strategy. 
  • The developer doesn’t mention the time frame and currency pairs that are supported. 

PipFinite EA Trend PRO trading performance

PipFinite EA Trend PRO backtest report

We have only a screenshot of how the system was tested on the EURUSD pair on the H1 time frame. We may note, the chart looks like a nightmare for every trader. 

PipFinite EA Trend PRO trading results.

The advisor works on a real USD account on RoboForex automatically with 1:500 leverage, using data from technical indicators from MT4. The account has a verified track record and verified trading privileges. It was created on August 01, 2021, and deposited at $200. Since then, the absolute gain has become 0.01%. An average monthly gain is 0.01%. The maximum drawdown is 24.81%. 

PipFinite EA Trend PRO statistics.

The robot has traded 23 orders with 22.1 pips. An average win is 40.25 pips when an average loss is -19.99 pips. The win rate on longs is 25%, when on shorts, it’s 45%. An average trade length is one day. The profit factor is low – 1.0. 

PipFinite EA Trend PRO currency pairs.

The only profitable symbol is USDJPY with $21.42. 

PipFinite EA Trend PRO hourly activities.

The robot opens orders during the American trading session only. 

PipFinite EA Trend PRO daily activities.

The system trades completely unpredictably during a week. 

PipFinite EA Trend PRO risks.

It works with the maximum risks to the balance. In fact, it’s a scam. 

PipFinite EA Trend PRO closed orders.

The system doesn’t look customized and like a viable and safe option to work with. 

PipFinite EA Trend PRO monthly activities.

The robot works its first month. 

How much does it cost?

PipFinite EA Trend PRO pricing.

We can buy the advisor for $198. There are rental options. The one-month license costs $98 when the annual subscription costs $158. The offer doesn’t include a refund. We can download a demo copy for using it for executing backtests. 

Reviews from customers

PipFinite EA Trend PRO comments.

There’s a negative comment that explained how everything went and why the customer wasn’t happy. 

Should you use PipFinite EA Trend PRO?

Real account trading results provided No risk advice given
No details about the strategy revealed 
No backtest reports provided 
Disgusting trading results
High pricing
We have some negative testimonials about the system published 


PipFinite EA Trend PRO is an expert advisor that should make money trading many cross pairs on the determined time frames. Alas, the developers don’t share a viable backtest report. From the one that we saw, the system worked horrible with the past data. Our fears were confirmed when we saw trading results. Now, the robot must be updated before continuing to use it.