Perfect Score Characteristics

Perfect Score is a trading advisor that has over 10,000 downloads. The developer is Sergei Riebin. The system was released on July 02, 2020. The current version is 5.58 that was released on December 29, 2020. 

Perfect Score: Characteristics

The robot has not so many features to discuss:

  • The expert advisor runs the chart automatically without a need for human intervention. 
  • It trades during the opening of the London Stock Exchange.
  • The system cares about open deals all the way. 
  • It places SL and TP levels for all managed orders. 
  • The system is free to be used on any broker we want. 
  • The developer mentioned that it’s possible for a robot to work with the high spreads. 
  • We can use a Grid of order if we want. 
  • The system can manage “Good resistance to unexpected market events.” It sounds like a kind of magic. 
Perfect Score Characteristics
  • There’s an extended list of settings that were allowed to customize. 

Currency Pairs, Strategy & Timeframe

  • It trades “reversal patterns when the Forex precis goes toward their average value.”
  • It executes deals on the M5 time frame.
  • We can work with a EUR/USD currency pair only. 

Perfect Score Trading Performance

Perfect Score Trading Performance
Perfect Score Trading Performance

We’ve got a 20-year EUR/USD backtest report on the M5 time frame. The modeling quality was 99.90%. The initial deposit was $300. It has become $9,138,280 of the total net profit. The system has closed 1655 deals with $193,160 of the drawdown. The win rate was 100% in both directions. 

Perfect Score Myfxbook

The system runs on a real USD account on the ICE-FX broker automatically with 1:300 leverage. The account has a verified track record. It was created on March 05, 2020, and deposited at $350. Since then, the absolute gain has become +798.84%. An average monthly gain is +17.91%. The maximum drawdown is 31.77%.

Perfect Score advanced statistics

There were closed 109 deals with 1512.6 pips. The win-rate is 98% for Longs and 95% for Shorts. An average trade length is one day. An average win is 19.93 pips when an average loss is -200 pips. The Profit Factor is 2.70

Perfect Score trading results

The preferable direction to trade is Longs – 65 deals with $2024.96 of the profit. 

Perfect Score trading results

The expert advisor opens deals only at 10 a.m. during the European trading session. 

Perfect Score trading results

Friday is the less traded day among others – 15 deals. 

Perfect Score trading results

The system runs with high risks to the account balance. 

Perfect Score trading results

The robot has closed the last deal with big losses. It has eaten 13.28% of the account at once. 

Perfect Score monthly gain

The robot trades unpredictably. 

How much does it cost?

Perfect Score price

Perfect Score costs $1499 for a copy. It’s a huge price for a robot. There’s a rental option for $399 for three months. There’s a demo download available for those who want to check the setting and perform a backtest on the terminal. 

Reviews from customers

Perfect Score Reviews from customers

The last comments from people showed that clients are angry with the current statement of the system performance. 

Perfect Score Reviews from customers

The previous comments were positive. 

Should You Use Perfect Score?

Real account trading resultsThe strategy was explained in the way that professional traders only understand 
Rental options availableIt works with EUR/USD only
Huge SL levels compared with TP levels
Trading results are wild
The system is so risky to run it on the real account
Perfect Score costs solid money
There are no refund options


Perfect Score proved that it’s so common when backtests don’t match real trading results. People who thought that they had bought Holy Grail for $1500 are very disappointed now. The system works with insanely deep SL levels compared to TP ones. Taking into account the influence of spreads, commissions, and swaps the system has to win 13-15 deals to cover a single loss. People noticed that the robot started losing more often after being updated. Now, we can’t suggest you buy this system.