The Pentagon is now reviewing the Joint Enterprise Defense Infrastructure (JEDI) contract as litigation issues are stalling the needed project, the WSJ reported.

  • Deputy Defense Secretary Kathleen Hicks said the department will consider what steps can be taken for the department given the ongoing litigation.
  • The Pentagon in January said a lengthy litigation process could be detrimental to the procurement of the JEDI Cloud project.
  • Officials cited the need for the cloud program as this would allow the Pentagon to consolidate its data systems, improve access to real-time information, and develop artificial intelligence capabilities.
  • The $10-billion contract was awarded to Microsoft Corp. in 2019, but this has been contested by Inc.
  • A motion to dismiss Amazon’s claims was dismissed in April.
  • Microsoft agreed that the prolonged litigation has caused problems, but it is prepared to undertake the project.
  • Several stakeholders have encouraged the contract to be dropped, given its single-vendor approach for the whole Department of Defense.
  • An IT expert said another possible path for the Pentagon to take is to expand existing contracts on information-technology and bring them together for a new cloud program.

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