Palantir Technologies on Friday boasted the latest Foundry capabilities and new archetypes to be highlighted by engineers in a demo in the next two weeks, according to BusinessWire.

  • Palantir’s Double Click is a series of software demo events showcasing how the company’s platforms are used across industries and customers. The first installment is scheduled Wednesday, April 14.
  • Foundry’s Pipeline Archetype enables researchers to easily pivot between sources and reuse cohort code lists or analytic methods pre-defined by the open-source community. 
  • Foundry capabilities will enable users of varying technical ability to integrate any data, use any tool, manage any model, and write code in any languary while maintaining end-to-end reproducibility.
  • Foundry’s Purpose-Based Access Controls Archetype will allow automated or managed assignment of permission based on the proposed use of a particular data source or dataset.
  • The Model Management Archetype will enable researchers to readily reproduce results, track the development of each version, automatically update models with data changes, compare performance metrics, and tag versions for release into staging or production environments.