We’ve prepared a review of Onyx Scalper. This software was designed by Karl Dittmann, who’s most likely a fake person. This system looks like another Dittmann’s indicator – Exynox Scalper. They even have similar presentations. 

Onyx Scalper presentation

The developer tries to hurry us to buy a product asap. Of course, it’s a manipulation.

Onyx Scalper: Characteristics

Onyx Scalper: Characteristics
  • The system has an “effective trading algorithm.”
  • We’ll be able to work in a user-friendly interface.
  • Trading via these signals will take little time.
  • The system generates only high-profit signals.
  • It’s perfect for beginners. No extra knowledge is needed.
  • There’s a unique trend detection system.
  • It runs multiple trading styles.
  • The system doesn’t repaint signals after delivering.
Onyx Scalper modes
  • There are three modes of aggressiveness. The conservative mode provides a little number of signals, the medium mode – many more, the aggressive mode gives many signals with high risk.
Onyx Scalper notifications
Onyx Scalper notifications
Onyx Scalper signals
  • The signals have the next format: currency pair, time frame, direction, Entry Price, Take Profit, and Stop Loss levels.
  • The system works only on the MT4 platform.

Currency Pairs, Strategy & Timeframe

  • It seems to us it’s a trend-trading strategy because many BUY/SELL indicators focus on it.
  • The system focuses on trend-trading. 
  • The signals can be provided for only major pairs.
  • It can be run on the M1, M5, and M15 chart.

Onyx Scalper Trading Performance

Karl Dittmann shares no backtest reports with visitors. All of his products have no reports. So, it’s his way of introducing products.

Onyx Scalper Trading Performance
Onyx Scalper Trading Performance

We have many photoshopped screenshots taken from the MT4 terminal, but they’re fake. First, there is no icon that there’s something attached to the chart. It means all these profits are fake and were photoshopped over the chart. Second, there are no MT4 arrows that show when the trade opens and closes a deal. We don’t know why the developer didn’t want to share the trading results of an account where Onyx Scalper was tested. The answer could be that it didn’t test the software at all.

How much does it cost?

Onyx Scalper price

The indicator costs $147 with $252 OFF. The offer looks out of place. An average BUY/SELL indicator costs $30-$70 across the MQL5 community. Asking for it $395 is not to respect the audience. The package includes an indicator, a detailed user manual, reliable signals, a 30-day money-back guarantee, allowing use on one real account, and 24/7, knowledgeable support.

Reviews from customers

Onyx Scalper Reviews from customers

The presentation is featured by these comments without the name of clients, dates, and any viable information that is commonly used in reviews: profits, pips, drawdown, symbols, etc.

Onyx Scalper presentation

We wouldn’t trust a sign of a person that doesn’t share his social network profiles to check. How can we be sure it’s not a scam? 

Should You Use Onyx Scalper?

No prosNo developer account revealed
No team revealed
No strategy explanations provided
No settings list provided
No money-management and risk advice given
No backtest reports provided
No trading results provided
Fake screenshots of trading results provided
Insane pricing
No real people feedback provided


Karl Dittmann has made another scam software. What have we got? We have just a mention that there’s a trend detection system, but we know nothing about what indicators it uses to spot trends (RSI, Stoch, Moving Average, and so on). We don’t know how many signals can be provided with different modes on a single currency pair daily. Two, five, ten? How much? The same we have with settings. The most crucial con for us was that there are no backtest reports and trading results. If the system was that great as it was shown on the screenshots what would be the reason to sell it? No reason, right? Right. It means these gained pips are fake, and Karl didn’t use this indicator to make profits.