The next robot from FXAutomater is here. We’ve prepared a review of the Omega Trend EA robot. 

The presentation starts from the deal: winter sale with -30% OFF.

omega trend ea

The robot costs nothing money $70 with -30% OFF from $100. The package includes one real account, three demo ones, support, and the 60-day money-back guarantee as usual.

omega trend ea settings

The advantage of FXAutomater is well-explained settings.


Omega Trend EA strategy

Omega trends combine three profit strategies: trend spotting, strategy diversity, and quick entries and exits. How the devs said the forex robot has been designed based on three trading principles that any trader uses continuously. The first one is trend spotting. Omega Trend EA is designed to find the right trend and get some pips from the most profitable part of it. The configuration allows detecting trends at the beginning of the movement. The diversification of strategies is the second one. The package indicators allow the robot to analyze the market and depend on results to start a trade by applying one of the strategies. Quick entries and exits. The system enhanced by stop-loss, trail-loss and take profit features.

omega trend ea backtesting results

Devs provide many of backtesting results.

omega trend ea backtesting results

As we can see, the average profit factor is between 1.4-1.5 that’s good enough. DDs are mid-levels too and equals 11-13.4% The win rate depends on the test from 60% to 75%.


Comparing to the other fx robot of FXAutomater the presentation is quite simple and short. The Indicator version of Omega Trend EA has got very solid feedback on the MQL5 site with the average rate is about 4.4/5.

omega trend ea customers reviews

Omega Trend EA Pros & Cons


  • Cheap as several cups of coffee
  • Solid backtests
  • Well-explained settings
  • Across the product united support
  • Mostly positive feedback
  • MQL5 site rated
  • Simple installation that in 5 mins is ready to go


  • No real account on fxblue of myfxbook
  • The robot is very cheap

Finishing the review, we’d like to notice that from the one side there no real trading data is provided, but from the other one there are plenty of backtests and mostly positive feedback about EA across the forums. The robot is quite cheap to purchase. It costs nothing money. If you’re ready to buy it and run for several months or more on the demo account, it probably will be a balanced decision.