Omniverse, backed by Nvidia, as a metaverse for engineers, will now have a free version available to creators and artists, according to a report by Venturebeat on Tuesday.

  • Omniverse is shifting from beta into 1.0 available for users. It will have a free version for millions of individual creators and artists. Nvidia announced the news at the CES 2022 tech trade show in Las Vegas.
  • The Omniverse is Nvidia’s simulation site delivering the framework of the metaverse, like in novels such as Ready Player One and Snow Crash.
  • Nvidia has made invested running into hundreds of millions of dollars into Omniverse, which is a foundation to link virtual worlds.
  • Richard Kerris, the Vice President of the Omniverse platform for Nvidia, stated that the platform incorporates over 20 years’ worth of Nvidia innovation and technology.

Since its open beta was unveiled a year ago, Omniverse has been downloaded by nearly 100,000 creators who are expanding their workflows with its main rendering, physics and AI technologies. NVDA down -2.76%