American biotech firm Novavax Inc.’s COVID-19 vaccine recorded a 90.4% efficacy rate in the third phase of clinical trials, company reported.

  • The trial included 29,960 participants across the United States and Mexico, where 77 confirmed infections were recorded. Majority or 63 of whom were from the placebo group while 14 were from those who received two doses.
  • Novavax said most of the side effects were minor such as fatigue, headache, and muscle pain for as much as three days. All hospitalizations recorded were among those given placebos.
  • The vaccine is 100% effective in avoiding moderate and severe cases and is 93% effective against variants of the disease, including the Alpha variant first recorded in the United Kingdom.
  • The company plans to apply for an emergency use authorization with the Food and Drug Administration in the third quarter. Already approved are Pfizer-BioNTech, Moderna, and Johnson & Johnson.

Novavax is on track to end the year with a capacity of 150 million doses. NVAX is up 6.38%; PFE is down 0.25%; MRNA down 2.24%; and JNJ down 0.097% premarket.