The Norwegian government will block Rolls-Royce from selling a maritime engine marker to a Russian company due to national security concerns, according to Reuters.

  • Norway justice minister Monica Maeland told parliamentarians it was necessary to prevent the sale of Bergen Engines to TMH Group, as the country had no security cooperation with Russia.
  • Norway on March 9 said it suspended the 150-million euro sale while it assessed security implications. This is a blow to its owner Rolls-Royce which aims to raise 2 billion pounds from asset sales to survive the pandemic.
  • The Norwegian government said the technology of Bergen Engines would have been of significant military strategic interest to Russia, and would have boosted Russia’s military capabilities.
  • Norway and Russia share a border in the Arctic. In 2014, Moscow annexed Crimea which triggered more tension with a military build-up on both sides, along with more frequent military operations.