NorthEastWay is a system that relies on the major patterns in the Forex market to trade. The developer doesn’t tell us what the product can do. He doesn’t mention anything about its profitability potential or the kinds of risks it takes while trading. We will have to find this out on our own in this review. 

The seller of this robot is known as Pavel Udovichenko. He is from Russia and has several other products in his portfolio — LittleCrazy, FastWay, MultiPlay, New2000, etc. Pavel claims he has been developing automated trading systems for the financial markets for over 10 years now. However, his trading experience is unknown. 

NorthEastWay: characteristics

The robot’s features are highlighted below:

  • It runs on both the MT4 and MT5 terminals.
  • It can work with a minimum balance of $1000 or $5000.
  • The recommended leverage is 1:200 or more.
  • Traders are advised to use the recommended pairs only.
  • It is not sensitive to spread, slippage, or any other broker related variables.

Currency pairs, strategy & timeframe

The robot works on numerous currency pairs, but the AUDNZD, NZDCAD, and AUDCAD are the base currency pairs. Additional instruments it works with include EURGBP, EURUSD, GBPUSD, USDCAD, GBPCAD, and EURCAD. The main timeframe used is M15.

When it comes to matters that pertain to the trading strategy, the claim is that the system applies the “pullback” method on the base currency pairs. We have also learned that the grid and martingale methods are part of the game plan too. 

NorthEastWay trading performance

Backtest report.

Based on the above generated backtest report, the robot conducted 4395 trades after being deposited at $100. The successful trades were 75.02% for short positions and 76.22% for long ones. In the end, there was a total net profit of $1,009,786.90. The relative drawdown, which was very high (66.46%), confirms that the EA worked with many risks to the balance. There was a profit factor of 3.02.  

Live trading statistics.

We have a real USD account being hosted by the RoboForex brokerage. It runs on the MT4 platform and has a leverage of 1:500. To date, the absolute gain is 46.32%, and is not much, bearing in mind the robot started trading over a year ago. The robot began trading with $121,024.49 and generated $55,692.13 as a result. So, it hasn’t returned even half the amount of what was invested. There’s a monthly profit of 4.88% and a drawdown of 17.75%, which makes a risk/reward ratio of 3.6:1.

The robot has implemented 1473 trades with 21580.3 pips. The average win is 29.35 pips and the average loss is -32.16 pips. We see that the number of lots traded is quite large, meaning that the EA exposes the account to many dangers that can cause it to lose money. The win rates for long and short positions are 73% and 79%, respectively. 

Trading summary.

The system mainly worked with the AUDCAD currency pair. It placed 206 buy orders and 179 sell orders with it. Ultimately, the pair contributed a profit of $16926.29. 

History of trading.

The lots used for trading varied in size, and they were huge. The EA’s trading activities led to profits. Some elements of the grid and martingale approaches are evident, and they caused consequential losses as well. 

How much does it cost?

The price of NorthEastWay is outrageous. The vendor wants traders interested in the product to pay $8346. We wonder what kind of formula he used to arrive at this price. Pavel says that he is planning to raise the price to $9987 after 4 of the remaining copies, which are offered at the discounted price, are sold out. A money-back guarantee is missing.

The EA’s price.

Reviews from customers

There are a bunch of positive reviews for this expert advisor on mql5. Notably, many of the comments made by customers have been deleted. We suspect they were negative. As you can see below, Pavel is responding to one of the traders trying to explain why the system recorded a huge drawdown. So, it is clear that this particular client had expressed his concern about the high risks this EA engages in while trading but the dev deleted the review.  

Customer reviews.

Should you use the NorthEastWay robot?

Live records are available on MyfxbookGrid and martingale strategies on the board
Vendor transparency is not enough
Suspicious activities by the developer
Very expensive


You should give NorthEastWay a wide berth. It uses very dangerous approaches. If the EA makes one or several wrong moves, then that could be the end of your trading account. Since there is no money-back guarantee, you will never recover the huge sum of money used to acquire it. Lastly, the vendor’s act of deleting negative reviews shows us he cannot be trusted.