With Bitcoin still trading below $60,000, the number of wallets with non-zero balance surged to reach an all-time high, according to a data report by OKLink on Thursday.

  • As of November 24th this year, the wallets stood at 39.41 million. The wallets have risen by nearly 20% year-to-date.
  • The measurement signals a bullish outlook for Bitcoin, with investors optimistic the asset, will rie in value despite falling from the recent all-time of more than $68,000.
  • The latest shift indicates the possibility that the asset will continue growing in value, with a fall in price presenting an opportunity for investors to hold the biggest cryptocurrency in the world.
  • Bitcoin has revealed more signs of adoption and growth as the cryptocurrency processed extra 62% transactions on the basis of dollar value than PayPal in 2021.

In the current year, the Bitcoin network processed nearly $489 billion per quarter. PayPal processed $302 billion per quarter as Mastercard and Visa were further ahead at $1.8T and $3.2T per quarter. BTC USD up +1.31%