Chinese EV maker Nio reported a wider-than-expected Q4 loss as revenue growth slightly topped estimates, according to a news release by Nio on Thursday.

  • For Q4, Nio posted sales of $1,446.1 million, a 49.3% YoY increase. Loss for the quarter was $336.4 million.
  • The firm’s earning per share loss stood at $0.16, representing a loss that was two cents more than analysts had estimated.
  • William Bin Li CEO of Nio stated that the deliveries of vehicles increased 109.1% YoY in 2021 despite supply chain volatilities.
  • Li further stated that 2021 also marked the start of global market expansion starting from the launch and deliveries of NIO vehicles in Norway in September 2021.

For Q1 2022, Nio Inc plans to deliver 25,000 to 26,000 vehicles, with nearly $1.51 billion to $1.57 billion in quarterly revenue. NIO: NYSE is up +6.96%, Pre-market trading