The developer of Night Hunter Pro is proud to announce that the EA has a live track record showing numerous months of consistent trading and low drawdown. She goes on to state that the system focuses on attaining long-standing growth. This is why she constantly updates it, incorporating all the latest innovations in the trading arena. Are these measures worthwhile? We will assess the system to find out. 

Night Hunter Pro: characteristics

Valeriia Mishchenko is the developer of this product. She is based in Russia and is also the author of another trading system known as Waka Waka. Unfortunately, the presentation doesn’t feature her professional background.

The characteristics of this robot are listed here:

  • You only need one chart to trade all the instruments
  • The system comes with a self-diagnostic system
  • It has a negative swap filter
  • It includes an advanced news filter
  • Auto GMT detection is present
  • The EA runs on the MT4/5 terminal
  • It is FIFO compatible
  • It does not utilize grid or martingale
  • The robot only initiates a trade with pending orders and utilizes a stop loss for each trade

Currency pairs, strategy & timeframe

  • Supported currency pairs include GBPUSD, EURUSD, EURCHF, USDCAD, USDCHF, CHFJPY, AUDCAD, EURCAD, and EURAUD.
  • The recommended time frame is M5.

According to the developer, Night Hunter Pro applies advanced scalping. This entails using smart entry/exit algorithms that have sophisticated filtering techniques to spot only the most secure entry points when the market is calm. You should also be aware that the grid method is included in the game plan, although the vendor denies this. 

Night Hunter Pro trading performance

Backtest results.

Based on the above data, we can see that the robot traded on 5 currency pairs using real tick data between 2015 and 2021. As such, an initial deposit of $100 was used to complete 6670 deals. Eventually, a profit of $705.09 was generated after 78.38% of the orders were successful. A drawdown of 2.71% was made. This indicates that low-risk trading was applied. The profit factor was 2.35. 

Live trading data.

Night Hunter Pro has been trading on this account since June 25, 2021. So far, the reported profit is $60.08. This amount is too small, given that the trading period is six months, and 363 trades have been implemented already. It means that the EA has been producing approximately $10 monthly. This is unacceptable. The monthly gain is $1.59%, whereas the drawdown is 5.83% and a sign that the system trades safely. 

There are win rates of 78% for the long positions and 66% for the short ones. The profit factor is 1.33. This tells us that the EA’s return rate is average and not out of the ordinary. 

Trading summary.

EURCHF is the only unprofitable pair as it recorded a loss of -$72.55. 

Trading history.

Fixed lot sizes of 0.02 and the grid approach were applied during trading. A TP feature was present, and the levels were quite low. Obviously, the EA was not expected to generate substantial returns. The profits made from each trade were very low and didn’t even reach the $1 mark. 

Monthly returns.

The most profitable month (August) had a profit rate of 5.73%. September and December reported losses of -1.71% and -1.07%, respectively. 

How much does it cost?

Night Hunter Pro is highly priced. The developer expects you to pay $899 to acquire it. A money-back guarantee is not included in this package.

The robot’s price.

Reviews from customers

Traders using this system have heaped it with praises saying that it makes constant gains and has a low drawdown. We did not find any negative reviews. 

Customer reviews.

Should you use Night Hunter Pro?

Low drawdown Makes tiny profits
Backtest and live trading results are presentVendor transparency is insufficient
Positive reviews on MQL5Exorbitant pricing
The grid approach is present
No user reviews on FPA, Quora or Trustpilot
No money-back guarantee


The system produces a low drawdown, as claimed. But we are disturbed by the grid approach used. It can lead to a series of losses if the market takes a wrong turn for a long time. In addition, the EA makes tiny inconsistent profits, which can really slow down the growth of an account.