Davinci FX Group has introduced its robot called Night Hawk EA.

Davinci FX Group
Night Hawk presentation

The team includes two people who have designed the robot and a support crew.

brokers list

They suggest good brokers: IC Markets, Roboforex, Fort Financial Services. VPS providers’ offers look overpriced. Chocoping and RuVDS are little-known companies. 

Night Hawk: Characteristics

  • The robot is a fully automated trading software for MetaTrader 4.
  • It was designed on the MQL4 language and tested on the optimized data with spreads and slippages.
  • It uses the Bollinger Band, Commodity Channel Index, and other indicators.
  • The money-management system works with many features to reduce a drawdown level.
  • The EA works with any broker.
  • ECN-accounts are strongly suggested options for us.
  • There’s reliable and knowledgeable support.
  • The robot receives free updates.
  • The money-management system calculates Lot Sizes for trades for us, based on the percent of the risk we set.
  • There’s a News filter that allows skipping trading during periods of High-Impact News.

Currency Pairs, Strategy & Timeframe

  • It’s a Martingale-based system.
  • Modifications allow the strategy to work smoothly and stable.
  • The robot uses Grid and Averaging as support strategies.

Night Hawk Trading Performance

We’ve got a wall of real accounts and backtest reports.

Night Hawk myfxbook

It was a EUR/GBP backtest that’s performed from January 17, 2012, until April 09, 2020. The robot has managed to provide +265.59% of the total account gain. An average monthly gain was +1.3% with a high maximum drawdown (21.70%). The EA was tested on the M15 time frame. The initial deposit of $3000 has become $7975.67 of the total net profit.

Night Hawk advanced statistics

It closed 1092 deals with 5543.6 pips. An average win (15.12 pips) was almost two times less than an average loss (-26.41 pips). The win-rate was 75%-76%. An average trade length was over 18 hours. The Profit Factor was mediocre (2.24).

Night Hawk trading results

The backtest was performed with adequate Lot Sizes.

Night Hawk myfxbook

The robot runs a real USD account without leverage on the MT4. As we could notice, there’s no Automatic badge. So, this account probably is for manual trading, but it was introduced as the one where the robot works. Track Record is Not Verified, so there can be removed periods of the trading activity. It was created on December 20, 2018. Since then, the robot has been provided +197.31% of the absolute gain. An average monthly gain is +4.79%. The maximum drawdown was insane (41.35%). It’s okay for a non-leverage high margin account, but for a common trader, it’s a reason for a heart attack.

Night Hawk advanced statistics

Night Hawk traded 1445 deals with 8182.0 pips. An average win is much less (24.04 pips) than an average loss (-52.27 pips). The win-rate is 75%-76% right on the backtest report. The average trade length is two days. The Profit Factor is 1.73.

Night Hawk trading results

The robot focuses on trading AUD/CAD and GBP/CAD symbols. The most profitable with a double gasp from others is AUD/CAD with +$506.30 of the profit.

Night Hawk trading results

The EA trades the end of the American session and the opening of the Asian one.

Night Hawk trading results

The daily activity chart looks common.

Night Hawk trading results

Now, the robot works with not so high risks.

Night Hawk trading results

It looks like completely manual trading because of the TP level placing (minus TPs).

Night Hawk monthly gain

Two months have been closed with losses this year.

How much does it cost?

Night Hawk prices

There’s a single package that costs $199. The developers work only with no refund paying systems. The developers didn’t provide a money-back guarantee. So, we can’t refund if something goes wrong.

Reviews from customers

Night Hawk Reviews from customers

The devs have an empty profile on Forex Peace Army. 

Should You Use Night Hawk?

Real account trading resultsRisky strategies on the board
No settings explanations provided
No money-management advice provided
Weird TP and SL level placement
The EA almost doesn’t trade the European session
Refund less paid systems 
No money-back-guarantee


We’ve noticed that these results were reached with a big human intervention or without auto trading at all. It’s risky like driving a stolen car to set the Grid, Hedge plus Martingale system without understanding all of the aspects of its work. We don’t know SL levels for symbols, settings, money-management requirements for margin, and so on. The robot has shown a -41% maximum drawdown. It traded without leverage so it could recover. The last is the fact that as for the EA that’s been online since 2018, there are no comments on FPA. Where are all of its clients?