A group of Salvadorans, including leftist unions, student associations, and others gathered at the Legislative Assembly on Thursday to protest the adoption of Bitcoin as its national currency, according to a report by Decrypt on Friday.

  • The group, organized by the so-called “Block of Resistance and Popular Rebellion,” used slogans and banners to push for the Bitcoin Law to be revoked.
  • The protestors, like estimated 77% of Salvadorans, think the law is a bad idea. Activist Idalia Zuniga stated the law could be used to defraud users and promote money laundering.
  • Another protestor expressed her worries about Bitcoin’s price volatility. “For those earning a minimum wage, in one moment you may have $300 in Bitcoin and the next day those $300 can turn into $50.”

The protestors’ concerns are common. Major regulators referred to scams and money laundering schemes involving Bitcoin and other cryptos as aspects holding digital assets back from global acceptance.

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