Hi there! We’re glad you came here to read a fresh review and we’ve got one. We’re requested to share thoughts about NeuroShell Trader. So, we know a bit about it, but it’s not a robot, but a system to create ones, that’s why we hold it always back. If you want to figure out what it’s we’ll help you with this.

What’s NeuroShell Trader?

First of all, we’ve googled for it. the first links, we’re suggested has been from the ads block. 

NeuroShell Trader

It’s been the “https://try.neuroshell.com/index/“ page. The devs introduce it as the system that allows us to create our own robot without knowing MQL5 or other languages. The main statements are: creating a trading system in just several minutes, we can check strategies on the fact they’re good to go or garbage before trading them, we’ll be able to forecast market moves with AI, as well as, automated trading feature. The pre last one looks strange.

NeuroShell Trader discounts

The Wall of Honor includes the award from Stocks&Commodities Magazine called “The Best AI Trading software”. And we’re offered to get the -20% OFF Limited Time Offer.

NeuroShell Trader companies use their features

As we can see, some of the well-known companies use their features.

NeuroShell Trader voted

NeuroShell Trader chart

The devs tell us to no be fooled by various EAs that are good only on paper and immediately start wasting money as soon as they’re deployed on the real account. NeuroShell Trader uses paper trading optimization and backtesting to shape the designed strategy automatically.

NeuroShell Trader packages and pricing

NeuroShell Trader pricing

The NeuroShell Trader has got six packages gathered in three big ones. The Basic one costs $1000 for DayTrader and $500 for Trader. Trader includes “Month, Week and Day” charts. The Day Trader version, in addition, includes “Hour, Minute”. The Professional package costs from $1200 to $2500. Trader Professional includes the same as the Trader, but DayTrader Professional includes also “Second, Volume, and Range”. The Power User packages costs from $2300 to $2800.

NeuroShell Trader indicator library

The Power and Professional User packages allow the investor working with 800+ indicators. The common version enhanced by only 200+.

NeuroShell Trader packages

NeuroShell Trader packages

From the spreadsheet, we can see differences between packages.

NeuroShell Trader packages

As well, the Professional and Power user versions may add some add-ons for $300+.

NeuroShell Trader packages

The Network Optimization feature allows us to run our program on several PCs.

NeuroShell Trader features & interface

NeuroShell Trader features

If we’d like to tell you about it shortly it’ll be some like: “If you’re an experienced trader who’s got his or her own indicators and profitable trading rules AI of NeuroShell Trader allows you to put ALL OF THEM in a mixer (AI feature) to find the patterns that will provide you by signals when to get in/out of a trade.” So, the system is the playground for your brain and experience.

NeuroShell Trader features

The interface has been built to let you work with it like with the average wizard. 

NeuroShell Trader features

NeuroShell Trader lets you work with different shart pages and switch smoothly If you delete one of them it’ll be backtested by the system. 

NeuroShell Trader features

Using NeuroShell Trader’s indicator library we’re able to work with over 800+ indicators. We can easily apply them to the patterns with Wizard. If we’ve got some of the indicators we can, how the devs tell “bring them as a capable dynamic link library designed on C++ or Power Basic.”

NeuroShell Trader features

Trading Strategy Wizard allows us to customize conditions of feature deals.

NeuroShell Trader Trading Strategy

Prediction Wizard is designed to based on input data check the prediction of the market moves. As well, there’s an optimization feature. 

NeuroShell Trader Genetic Algorithm

The devs have been designed three Genetic Algorithms optimizers to fine shape trading ideas. “Our Genetic Algorithm, Evolution Strategy and Swarm Optimization techniques are all capable of fine-tuning a large number of trading system variables in far less time than traditional brute force optimizers (also included) that try every possible combination,” devs said.

NeuroShell Trader features

NeuroShell Trader features

NeuroShell Trader features

As we can see, there are a lot of features from managing trading to increase the speed of the average performing based on the capabilities of a PC.

What do people think about using NeuroShell Trader?

NeuroShell Trader reviews

The Magazine’s review sounds amazing, but the full version of it doesn’t load.

NeuroShell Trader reviews Traders who tried to work with NeuroShell are happy.

NeuroShell Trader Review Summary


  • Almost everything can be customized
  • The huge amount of features to test and backtest safely
  • Well-designed user interface
  • Add-ons other features
  • Well-known across the traders for over two decades.
  • A lot of indicators to work with
  • Flexible price
  • Positive reviews and feedbacks


  • The system requires high-end knowledge about trading in general
  • The user has to understand how building scrips works
  • The high price even, especially, for beginners
  • There provided no educational materials 

NeuroShell is the cool system to design his/her own program to start automated trading here and now. The system provides people with the “everything is in the same place” feature, so, people can test a robot using the platform. The bank of the indicators allows working with an overwhelming amount of them (800+). Even if you don’t know about some of them you can google and try to apply data from them in robot patterns. Packages price vary from $500 to $3500. It means that the system is for those people who have got much experience in trading and get ready to invest some money in developing a self-designed EA.