Attracting traders with the promise of profitable and easy trading, Neuro FX Robot claims to use a unique trade algorithm for its strategy. Assuring efficient trade management with the use of a non-Martingale system, this Forex robot is designed to minimize the losses and increase the gains. Are the claims of high profits and low risk of this expert advisor accurate? Is this a system you can trust? Find out in our review here.

Neuro FX Robot: Characteristics

This automated Forex system work on the MetaTrader 4 platform. H1 time frame is used by this automated system and trading is based on a unique trade algorithm that the vendor does not divulge. Based on the info provided, this system is designed to open and close trades automatically from the customized settings.

Once the settings are done, your work is complete and the system executes the trades automatically. Market analysis is done on a daily and hourly basis. There is no mention of the developer anywhere on the site.

However, email support and a phone contact number are provided with mention of 24/5 support. Without info on the developer and experience in trading, it is not possible to rely on the system. Such info helps to render credibility to the developer and instills confidence in the user. 

Currency Pairs, Strategy & Timeframe

Although the vendor mentions that this system works on any currency pair, at present, it is best for the GBPUSD pair on an H1 timeframe. As far as the trading approach is concerned, the vendor does not divulge much info on the accurate method used. 

But, the vendor talks about using a non-martingale system that reduces losses early and helps in increasing the gains. This Forex robot does not need a VPS, but the vendor recommends it for a better experience. The minimum balance is $100 to $200 with a lot size of 0.01. However, you can use any account size with this system.

Neuro FX Robot Trading Performance

Backtesting data is provided by the vendor. In the screenshot below, the strategy test report indicates a profit factor of 8.82 and a drawdown of 16.42%. The three-year test is of 90% modeling quality, which is not sufficient to gain adequate information on the commissions, spreads, etc. While this type of strategy testing helps to know about the performance of the system, it cannot predict a similar performance in the future. 

Neuro FX Robot Backtesting
Neuro FX Robot trading results

A live real account verified on the FXBlue site is displayed by the vendor. In the screenshot of the trading result, a weekly return of 7.1% and a monthly return of 33.1% are reported with the profit factor being 1.20.

A total return of 61.1% is shown. The results produced over a period of 50 days indicate a drawdown of 52.8%, which shows the high-risk trading approach used. Further, compared to the backtesting results, the profit factor is very low in the real account trading. 

How Much Does It Cost?

Neuro FX Robot price

Three different price packages are present namely the basic package that costs $129, the regular package costing $149, and the business package with a price tag of $169. All three packages have similar features except for the number of real and demo accounts they offer. There is no mention of a money-back guarantee which is disappointing as a refund offer indicates the vendor is confident about the system working as assured. 

Reviews from Customers

Feedback from users is a very useful tool to evaluate the effectiveness of an automated system and the support offered. We could not find feedback from users of this system on reputed sites like Forex Peace Army, Trust Pilot, etc.

Should You Use Neuro FX Robot?

From the various aspects that we reviewed in this automated Forex trading system, we would not recommend it. Here is a recap of the significant advantages and downsides we found in this system.

Fully automated systemHigh drawdown
FXBlue verified resultsThe strategy is not explained clearly
Lack of vendor transparency
No Money-Back Guarantee


Wrapping up our Neuro FX Robot review, this Forex robot reveals several downsides that prevent it from being an effective system. Despite promises of maximum profits and minimum losses, the trading account shown by the vendor reveals a drawdown of over 50%. This indicates a high-risk trading approach that most traders would not be comfortable with. 

Furthermore, we found the backtesting and real account trading results had several discrepancies. The absence of user feedback and a money-back guarantee further confirm our opinion that this is not an expert advisor that you can trust your money with.