Crypto exchanges let go of over 657,000 ETH estimated at $1.973 billion in the last seven days, EWN reported.

Exchange wallet screener
  • The figures indicate that investors remain optimistic about Ethereum in the long run, even with the recent plunge in prices.
  • The price of Ethereum plummeted to $2,857 on Wednesday, indicating a 26% decline from the high of over $3,800 hit earlier this month.
  • With the latest drop, Ethereum is now hovering within the $3,000 level as support.
  • Investors continue to send their coins to the ETH2.0 deposit contract. It now holds 4,697,809 ETH estimated to be worth $14 billion.
  • Some 11,933 Bitcoin was sent back to crypto exchanges in the past week, equivalent to $486.4 million.
  • Ethereum was last trading down 36.94% to $2,061.74, and Bitcoin down 19.59% to $35,452.96 at 1:57 p.m. GMT.