We’ve prepared a review of an NCM copy-trading service. 

NCM Signal presentation

The presentation welcomes us with a kind of statement that it’s time to invest successfully. We can see pricing and positive trading history.

NCM Signal presentation

NCM Signal Characteristics 

NCM Signal provides copy-trading software for any MT4 trader on a subscription basis.

So, what we can manage:

  • We can set risks on our account to improve profitability or decrease it comparing to the master account.
  • With risks of 100%, we can expect for 60% annual gain.
  • With risks of 200%, the profit and possible losses can be doubled.
  • We can manage our capital in order to cover trades with enough level of margin.
  • The developers have their own VPS server that allows decreasing time between.
NCM Signal Characteristics
  • IC Markets has an ASIC (Australia) regulation.
  • There’s no Lock Period because the devs don’t force us to share funds.
  • They have 2-years of trading results.
  • A copy trader works automatically.
  • There are several money-management features that allow us to manage our funds better.
NCM Signal calculator

There’s also a profit calculator where we can set the initial deposit, period, and risk to know how much we’ll be able to get.

Currency Pairs, Strategy & Timeframe

The strategy behind the signals is the performance of three EAs and some manual activities.

  • The first EA trades only in the market direction, looking for a good trade opportunity. This robot win-rate is up to 81%.
  • If the market goes in the wrong direction, the EA opens trades in its direction, trying to close deals with minimum losses.
  • The robot performs Grid and Martingale in addition to cover losses.

NCM Signal Trading Performance

The vendor didn’t provide backtest reports for various symbols. 

NCM Signal Myfxbook

The company has a real USD Track Record Verified account on IC Markets. It trades with technical indicators and mixed trading: automatic and manual. The account was created two and a half years ago (February 04, 2020) and funded at $300. Since then, the absolute gain has become +338.92%. An average monthly gain is +4.49%. The maximum drawdown was low (-12.00%). It’s tracked by 258 traders. It’s a huge number of followers as for a myfxbook’s account.

NCM Signal advanced statistics

It trades 1012 deals with 4230.4 pips. An average win (11.61 pips) is twice lower than an average loss (-28.18 pips). The win-rate is 80% for BUY direction and 82% for SELL. An average trade length is over four hours. The Profit Factor is high (2.09).

NCM Signal trading results

It works only with a quite exotic pair – GBP/CAD.

NCM Signal trading results

Most trades were performed between 10 p.m. and 1 a.m.

NCM Signal trading results

As usual for this type of trading, Monday is far behind compared to other days.

NCM Signal trading results

The EA works with quite low risks.

NCM Signal trading results

SL and TP levels are hidden from the broker.

NCM Signal monthly gain

Trading results by months are brilliant.

How much does it cost?

There are two prices.

IC Market

If we open a referral account on IC Market and fund it at $1000, it’ll cost $39 monthly.

NCM Signal price

If we run an account that’s lower than $50000 we’re able to use a No IB package. The price is $79 monthly.

Paying allowed only via PayPal.

Reviews from customers

NCM Signal Reviews from customers

The company has its profile on TrustPilot with an outstanding rate of 4.6/5.

NCM Signal Reviews from customers

There are many positive reviews.

NCM Signal Reviews from customers

And, of course, negative ones were because of Grid and Martingale strategies.

Should You Use NCM Signal?

Strategies well-explainedGrid and Martingale are on the board
Settings well-explainedTrades only several hours daily
Real account trading resultsWorks with only one exotic symbol
Solid Profit Factor and win-rate levelsThe service is available only for IC Market’s clients
Cheap pricingNo money-back-guarantee provided


It’s truly scary to follow the grid and martingale signals. Three lost deals in a row can halve the account. For Grid and Martingale performance, the win-rate should be over 85% and so close to 90%. If less, you’re in the risk zone. Cheap pricing won’t cover all received losses. You have to understand and check how many accounts have been blown using this risky combo.