Naragat Portfolio consists of a professional set of trading systems based on trend-following approach. The breakout principles based on support and resistance and volatility are used for this expert advisor. It comprises 7 chosen approaches that the developer maintains are profitable. Although the EA does not make frequent trades, the developer claims that when the trades are entered, they are accurate.

Naragot Portfolio: characteristics

Features of Naragot Portfolio.

Alexander Mordashov is the developer of this trading tool. His other products are Naragot Sentiment, Naragot Telegram, etc. He is an algotrader from Russia with 9 products and one signal to his credit. He boasts of having $700000 under management and promises high returns with the default settings. The FX EA uses big trending movements for its trades and is not a tester grail or curve fitting system with over optimized indicators as per the developer. 

Fundamental analytic methods are used which the developer claims are effective on several popular instruments. The strategy is integrated with customized risk settings and is easy to use. All positions have SL and TP and as per the developer, the EA does not use toxic money management methods like curve fitting, grid, or the Martingale.

Currency pairs, strategy & timeframe

The XAUUSD, GBPUSD, EURUSD, and USDJPY are the currency pairs this EA works on. It uses timeframes from M1 to D1. According to the developer, this FX robot uses price action without indicators and two types of trend trading. He does not elaborate on the strategy which makes us suspect the reliability of the approach. Here is a backtesting report for this ATS.

Backtesting results for Naragot Portfolio.

From the above report, we can see that the backtesting done from 2000 up to 2021 using real tick data and modeling quality of 96% had generated a profit of 184551.06. For an initial deposit of $10,000, the account had completed 7366 trades with profitability of 55.44% and a profit factor of 2.15. The drawdown for the account was 15.87%. While the drawdown is a bit high, the profits are not considerable. Both these factors indicate an ineffective approach and poor performance.

Naragot Portfolio trading performance

Here is a real USD account of this FX EA verified by the myfxbook site. Screenshots of the results for the account using IC Markets broker and the leverage of 1:100 on the MT4 platform are shown here.

Growth curve showing performance of Naragot Portfolio.
Advanced trading stats with hidden history details.

From the trading stats above, we can see the account has generated a total profit of 89.64% and an absolute profit of 87.85%. A daily and monthly profit of 0.05% and 1.51% are present. The drawdown for the account is 38.20%. 

For a deposit of $4,999 the account started in March 2018, has completed 6000 trades with 39% profitability and a profit factor value of 1.11. The trading history details are hidden making us suspect the approach is risky. Further, the low profits and high drawdown also confirm our doubts about the effectiveness of the approach.

How much does it cost?

Pricing details of Naragot Portfolio.

You can purchase this FX robot for $449 which the developer states is only for 10 copies of which 4 are left. The subsequent price will be $599. A free demo account is present for the product but we could not find further info on the features available. There is no money-back guarantee which makes us suspect this is an unreliable system. Further, when compared to other competitor systems we find the product is not worth the cost.

Reviews from customers

We found a few reviews on the MQL5 site for this FX robot. Here are a few screenshots of the feedback.

User complaining of high drawdown with Naragot Portfolio.
User complaining of huge losses and scarce wins.

From the above reviews, it is clear that the EA has a big drawdown and its wins are scarce but the losses are increasing. The user testimonials corroborate our evaluation that the system is not effective.

Should you use Naragot Portfolio Robot?

On evaluating the various aspects of this trading tool we find that it is not a reliable expert advisor. Here are the main advantages and drawbacks that have made us decide this is an unreliable product.

Fully automated EAThe trading approach is not explained
Verified trading resultsReal trading results show high drawdown
Price is expensive


Naragot Portfolio claims to provide high profits with its trend-based approach. However, our analysis reveals many downsides that prove the claims of the developer are false. The vague explanation provided for the trading approach, the high drawdown, and low profitability indicate a risky and ineffective strategy. Further, the price is expensive and does not come with a money-back assurance. In short, we find this is not a trustworthy product.