Private contractors representing Moderna Inc. failed to recruit enough volunteers from the Black, Latino, and Native American communities for coronavirus trials, according to Reuters. Moderna slowed enrollment for late-stage trials and instructed research centers to increase minority participation to address shortfall. 

  • Increased trial participation to address distrust between communities of color and medical industry
  • Moderna will provide complete data on its formal application seeking commercial approach from U.S. Food and Drug Administration next year. 
  • Blacks make about 7% of Sept. 17 trials, it should be closer to 13% to reflect the actual U.S. population.
  • Communities of color, including healthcare workers and populations at high risk of COVID-19 complications, should be prioritized for a new vaccine.
  • Enrolling volunteers from diverse backgrounds to offer proper population balance is “notoriously difficult”-Dr. Paul Evans, CEO of Velocity Clinical Research, Durham.
  • Moderna intended to recruit diverse groups, and on company website, 17 out of 100 participating trial sites are active but not recruiting.

Moderna stock gaining despite vaccine trial slowdowns. MRNA: NASDAQ is up 4.56%