Managed Forex With Us (MFWU) is a service that offers manually managed automated trading. The company claims that its clients can easily make profits with its varied services including signals, managed accounts, and copy trading. As per the company info, the expert analysts and traders of the company keep updating the trading parameters to suit changes in the market resulting in reduced risk and high rewards.

Managed Forex With Us: Characteristics

Managed Forex With Us: Characteristics

The MFWU team of experts includes manual traders and robot programmers. As per the vendor, the team constantly modifies the variables and parameters of the EAs, which the company terms as a manually managed robotic method of trading. Another feature the vendor claims to be effective is the diversified risk used which is due to the distribution of the risk and reward among the participants.  

Managed Forex With Us: Characteristics

The services offered by the company include managed accounts, robot development, Copy trading, and signal generation. Besides these services, the company also has a partnership program and broker services.  There is an explanation provided for each of the services offered. 

Currency Pairs, Strategy & Timeframe

About Managed Forex With Us

According to the founding member Norbert Zoltan Nagy, the main concept behind the platform is to address the two challenges faced by traders namely controlling emotional trading and constant modifications needed in the EAs to adapt to changing market situations. 

Nagy claims that the programmers in the team assist in the automation of the manual trading approaches developed by the traders while the manual traders guide in the modification needed for the EAs to adapt to market conditions. But we are disappointed to note that there is no mention of the strategies used and how they are applied to the trades.

MFWU Trading Performance

No backtests are present on the official site. For proof of performance, the vendor offers links to the trading systems of the team members on the Forexpeacearmy site. Here is a screenshot of Norbert’s system.

Managed Forex With Us backtests

While the stats reveal a low drawdown and steady profits, we prefer more details on the trading such as the lot size used, the average pips won, and more. Trading results verified by sites like myfxbook, FXBlue, and FXStat show better insight into the performance, approach, and risk management used. The absence of a proven track record makes us suspect the reliability of the company.

How much does it cost?

MFWU (Managed Forex With Us) subscription

The vendor charges $50 per month for the signal subscription service. Users will receive the signals directly on their mobile phones using which they can execute trades. For other services, the vendor does not reveal the charges and instead asks to contact the support for knowing about the fees and the related details. The lack of transparency in the pricing is another reason we suspect this is an unreliable service.

Reviews from customers

We could not find user feedback for this service on the Trustpilot site. The Forexpeacearmy site has two reviews for this service which are shown below:

MFWU (Managed Forex With Us) Reviews from customers
MFWU performance tests

From the feedback, we can see that the customers are satisfied with the performance and service offered. But the performance test results on the site showed a majority of the systems are running at a loss. This indicates that the strategy and performance are not as good as claimed by the vendor.

 Should You Use MFWU?

From our evaluation of the features, charges, trading performance, and lack of verified results, we find that this is not a trustworthy system. Here are the main pros and cons we spotted in this FX service.

Manual and automated trading comboThe strategies used are not revealed
Varied services on offerPerformance is not good
No price transparency


MFWU claims to use both manual and robotic components for providing profits for its clients. While we find the concept is good, the vendor does not provide proof of its efficacy. To begin with, the approach used is not explained. The vague details provided on the approach are not satisfactory. We find the absence of backtests as another cause for concern. Although backtests are not predictive of future performance, they help you to know about the working of the system and its effectiveness. The absence raises a red flag. While the vendor provides performance results posted on the Forex Peace Army site, the details are not as elaborate and insightful as results verified by sites like myfxbook, FXBlue, etc. Furthermore, the vendor is not transparent about the charges for the individual services which is another aspect that makes us suspect the reliability. In short, we find this is not a trustworthy FX service.