Meta (formerly Facebook) is designing sci-fi haptic gloves that could reproduce a wide range of sensations in virtual worlds, according to a report by The Verge on Tuesday.

  • The team is working to develop advanced hand-tracking technology to help them to identify precisely where the hand is in a virtual scene when a person is in contact with a virtual object and how the hand is interacting with the object.
  • Meta’s haptics prototype is a glove lined with nearly 15 ridged and inflatable plastic pads that are commonly known as actuators. The glove also will act as a VR controller.
  • When a person places a hand on the glove and enters VR expertise, a classy management system adjusts the degree of inflation, leading to strain on different components of the hand.
  • The finger actuators stiffen after gripping digital devices, resulting in a sensation of resistance.

These sensations, together with visible and audio cues, create the illusion of bodily contact. FB up +0.11%, Pre-market trading