Meta, formerly FB, has launched a new Split Payments feature in Facebook Messenger, according to a press release by FB on Wednesday.

  • Split Payments is currently available in the United States on iOS and Android phones. Users can tap the + icon in a group chat and choose the payments tab, then tap the Get started button.
  • After tapping the Get started button, users can split their bill evenly or change the amount each person owes. The feature allows the users to enter a personalized message, confirm the payment information, and send the request.
  • Friends who are not familiar with payments in Messenger can easily add payment information to send and get money.
  • Meta is also introducing voice message recording controls and Vanish Mode, a mode for sending disappearing messages.

With Vanish Mode, the messages will disappear after being seen. Users can also send disappearing memes, stickers, or reactions. FB up +2.92%