Meta, formerly Facebook, disclosed a partnership with Microsoft that will allow customers to integrate Workplace with Microsoft Teams, according to a report by CNBC on Wednesday.

  • The partnership gives users access to Workplace content inside the Teams app. Similarly, users can see Teams video meetings in the Workplace app.
  • The arrangement between Meta and Microsoft brings two rival companies that compete in the enterprise communication software market.
  • Meanwhile, Workplace and Teams do not have full overlap. Workplace is targeting companywide connections, while Teams is focused on instant communication between workers and their direct colleagues.
  • In a CNBC interview, Ujjwal Singh, Meta’s head of Workplace stated that integration had been asked by customers including Vodafone and Accenture.

The partnership might prove most advantageous to Meta. Its Workplace platform largely lags behind its rivals in terms of users. FB down -1.27%, MSFT down -0.80%