First lady Melania Trump was overjoyed as Bitcoin marked its 13th anniversary, mentioning the mysterious Satoshi Nakamoto for laying the Genesis block, according to a Twitter post.

  • Melania marveled at the life-changing invention, noting that Bitcoin’s market cap has climbed to over $1 trillion since the first block.
  • The first lady’s comments contradict those of her husband Donald Trump who has in the past disregarded cryptocurrencies on claims they threaten the dollar. 
  • Melania has now become a force in the blockchain industry, with her endorsement sparking Twitter exchange, with some saying the erosion of the dollar value is paving way for something strong to replace it. 

Bitcoin’s Genesis block or Block 0 was the first to be mined and an old version of Bitcoin “line 1613.” The first miners of the block were allocated 50 BTCs in a unique address but cannot spend them.  BTCUSD is up +0.59%.