An overwhelming majority of global hedge funds expect to increase their investments in crypto assets by 2026%, according to CoinTelegraph.

  • A survey by Intertrust Global found that 98% of chief financial officers believe they will have invested 7.2% of their assets in digital tokens in the next five years, equivalent to $312 billion.
  • Some 17% of the hedge funds said they could have allocated 10% of their assets to Bitcoin by 2026. Officials surveyed in Europe, North America, and the U.K. already have at least 1% exposure in Bitcoin and similar tokens.
  • Hedge funds in North America have an average exposure of 10.6% in cryptocurrencies, higher than those in the U.K. and Europe with 6.8%.

Several popular fund managers such as Paul Tudor Jones and Stan Druckenmiller earlier expressed support for the crypto space. BTC/USD is down 1.98%; ETH/USD is down 4.62%; while XRP/USD is down 4.04%