M15 Signals seem to be pretty much confident about the services they offer. The vendor boasts of having helped over 100,000 customers to trade successfully through their signals. As such, they can generate 1500-3500 pips monthly. Even then, the team hides vital information regarding their expertise, strategies applied, backtest data, and trading results. Obviously, this is not how a successful service provider behaves. 

The M15 Signals team is based in Singapore. They have been trading the Forex and Stock market for 9 years, but only began offering signals to traders and businesses about 2 years ago. 

Even with this info, we are still in the dark when it comes to the real identities of the experts. What are their names? What are their achievements? Are they qualified enough to assess the Forex and Stock markets? What are their job descriptions? These are just some of the questions traders might ask themselves. Unfortunately, they may never get satisfying responses. 

M15 Signals: characteristics

The services offered by M15 Signals are characterized by the following:

  • M15 Signals offers 2-5 signals weekly to its free subscribers and 2-8 signals daily to Premium subscribers.
  • Signals are only sent through the company’s free and premium Telegram channels
  • A majority of the signals are sent during 08:00-19:00 (GMT). 
  • The minimum amount needed to trade the signals is $100, but $400 is recommended for better results.

Currency pairs, strategy & timeframe

Signals are provided on 29 Forex and Gold pairs. However, the trading strategy used by M15 Signals is unclear. According to the vendor, accuracy strategies that minimize the risk of losing trades with the signals are implemented. Whereas we appreciate this info, it doesn’t give us any insight into the logic the analysts use to determine which signal is profitable and which one is not. We don’t know the data they track or why they prefer some signals to others.

M15 Signals trading performance

Backtest results are not featured in the presentation. This is a huge con. Without this data, traders are unable to know if the signals were successful in the past and if they are capable of generating good profits in the long term. It is also impossible to ascertain if the analyses made previously by the professionals were sound or not.

There is a ‘signals history’ page that highlights the supposed performance of the signals since December 2018. The data is presented in a tabular format and particularly shows the pips gained. However, the table has not been updated from January 2021.

Trading results.

We are informed that the signals have no losing week or month yet ever since traders began using them for their trading purposes. Unfortunately, the results have not been proven or verified. They may be fake. Therefore, you should not believe them. 

How much does it cost?

M15 Signals offers a variety of pricing options. The 1-month premium plan is $60, the 3- months premium pack is $120, and the 6-months premium choice is $190. All the packs come with short term signals, 2-8 signals daily, risk management advice, 3 take-profits per signal, and signals for currencies and gold. It is claimed that all the signals have an estimated 90% accuracy rate.  

M15 Signals’ pricing plans.

As the name implies, M15 Signals mainly provides trading signals, particularly for Forex and Gold on the 15-minutes chart. You can easily join this service if interested. You will just have to complete a 3-step process. The first step entails choosing your preferred premium plan. The next phase requires you to join the company’s Telegram channel and verify your premium plan account. Finally, you are ready to receive and use the signals with any broker. 

Reviews from customers

Some customers have voiced their concerns about M15 Signals on Trustpilot. According to one of them, one wrong signal from the company can make you lose all the money you have earned from trades. Another admits that most of the signals provided are unprofitable. In addition, he believes that the analysts do not use any specific strategy. Instead, they hope that the signals they provide will generate some profit. For this reason, he advises traders to stay away from the service. 

Customer saying that the service is not recommended.
Trader warning others to stay away from M15 Signals.

Should you use M15 Signals?

Provides signals for multiple currenciesStrategy used is unknown
Backtest data is unavailable
Negative feedback from clients
The trading results are not verified 


M15 Signals is a dubious service provider. From customer feedback, it is clear that the analysts are amateurs and depend on luck while choosing trading signals. This is why they have not disclosed the strategies they use. The lack of verifiable trading results further raises our suspicion about their credibility. On that account, avoid M15 signals.