Aryeh Bourkoff, the CEO and Chairman of financial advisor LionTree, has lauded crypto assets saying the company is exploring them as payment options, according to a statement.

  • Bourkoff says crypto has the potential to empower people, praising some aspects such as non-fungible tokens and decentralized finance.
  • The LionTree CEO says crypto was impossible to ignore this year, with the market cap surging to more than $3 trillion as people looked for alternative high-yield investments in the wake of high inflation. 
  • The CEO says LionTree may accept crypto in the near future as the company’s ecosystem expands and relationships mature. He hints at creating LionTree’s native token. 
  • Bourkoff still maintains that crypto needs to overcome high energy use, while the focus should be made to make more user-friendly interfaces.

LionTree has been involved in major Wall Street deals, including an advisory role in the combination of WarnerMedia and Discovery Inc. The financial advisor also helped in the acquisition of MGM studios by Amazon.

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