Developers of Shiba Inu announced an upcoming metaverse launch, causing prices of ecosystem tokens to jump nearly 40%, according to a report by CoinDesk on Wednesday.

  • Metaverses refers to a virtual world whereby people can interact as they do in the real world, but digitally.
  • The virtual world concept has gained momentum in recent years, with metaverse tokens such as Decentraland’s MANA and Axie Infinity’s AXS valued at billions of dollars.
  • In a blog post, Shiba Inu developers stated that the Metaverse is projected to become one of the biggest areas within cryptocurrencies for many to enjoy, further noting that it is a great resource to provide crypto communities content.
  • “Shiba Lands” would be found in the upcoming Shiba Inu metaverse and would be available for purchase or auction using LEASH tokens.

The developers are designing a queue system for the Shiba Lands sales event. Participants will get a position in the queue depending on the amount of LEASH they hold. LEASH USD up +54%, SHIB USD up +2.52%