Many Forex traders rely on robots and EAs while placing their trades because they allow them to take care of other affairs. It is quite difficult to stay glued to the trading screen all day long, and Forex robots offer an easy solution in this regard through their automated services. 

Gadget Geek Online, the company behind Learn 2 Trade, offers both paid and free Forex signals. It has groups on Telegram for swing traders, crypto signals, and VIPs for trading discussions. The company claims to provide accurate analysis for every signal while providing information on the financial analysts as well.

Here, we present a detailed review of Learn 2 Trade, looking into various aspects like brand characteristics, trading strategy, currency pairs, backtests, etc. We will also see what other users are saying about this system.

Learn 2 Trade: Characteristics

This Forex robot gives us a maximum of 10 signals every day, along with trading tips and technical analysis results from market experts. The company claims that its community consists of more than 1000 traders. Furthermore, it sends us alerts over Telegram.

Apart from this, there is very little information available on its website that tells us how the system exactly works. Instead, what we have is some general information on Forex trading, which seasoned traders should already know. 

Currency Pairs, Strategy & Timeframe

Learn 2 Trade: Characteristics

While the company claims its trading strategy to be highly effective, we didn’t find anything special about Learn 2 Trade in this regard. Although they claim the strategy is based on extensive knowledge of the Forex market and the research is backed by more than 50 technical indicators for every pair, very little is mentioned on the actual strategy, which is a red flag for most traders.

That being said, the company has made some changes to the updating system recently. Earlier, they used to provide signals on which traders were required to act. Now, the signals are followed closely and updates are provided in regards to entry and exit points and profit targets.

Learn 2 Trade provides 3-5 Forex trading signals every day and claims a win success rate of 82%, which is highly exaggerated. The accuracy is not quite up to the mark and the average monthly gains are also under 30-40%, contrary to company claims. 

That being said, the system does provide explanations along with its signals, so you can interpret them by using your best judgment and placing your trades accordingly. Also, the mobile performance of this platform is not that satisfactory and the slowness may cause you to lose out on some major profits. All in all, the trading strategy of Learn 2 Trade leaves a lot to be desired.

Learn 2 Trade Trading Performance

First of all, very little trading information can be gathered from the company website, which is a bad sign. They claim to let traders make huge profits, but there is very little fact to back it up. 

While they do provide information related to the number of signals per week, win percentage, and average monthly gains, we were looking for some real-time information that would give us an idea about how the system performs and we were unable to find it on the website.

How much does it cost?

There are three pricing plans for Learn 2 Trade. The first one is a 1-month long plan that costs $25 and offers 3 Forex trading signals every day. Then, there is the second plan that is of 3 months duration and costs $55 while providing the same number of trading signals per day as the first plan. The third and final plan is for 6 months and costs $85. Furthermore, the company offers a full refund within 30 days in case a trader is not satisfied with the services.

Reviews from customers

Learn 2 Trade Reviews from customers

We found the following review on Learn 2 Trade from the Trustpilot website and it is not very flattering. The user claims to have suffered more than 1000 pips losses over two months and apparently the company’s private channel does not reflect this. This is a serious concern as they seem reluctant to show their losses.

Should you use Learn 2 Trade Robot?

Allows for both manual and auto tradingTrading results are not shared
Insufficient information about its strategy
The company does not have much experience with Forex EAs


As we can see the cons outweigh the pros as far as this Forex EA is concerned. They hide their losses and do not share insights about the strategy, which creates some serious trust issues. Thus, we do not think this is a reliable Forex EA.