The U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) is expected to sue Google on antitrust abuses next week, according to Politico. Suit likely to escalate Trump administration’s fight on Silicon Valley’s giants. DOJ has been probing Google for 16 months on what could become the biggest legal battle in decades. Google has been accused of abusing its monopoly of the online search market. 

  • Texas and some state attorneys are likely to file separate complaints but talks are ongoing to team up with DOJ.
  • Some Democratic-led states, including Iowa and Colorado, target a broader suit on Google’s search business and could later file their own complaint.
  • The Justice Department seeks Democratic support in suit to avoid allegations of being seen as politically motivated. 
  • DOJ and state attorneys have been proving search giant over control of the advertising technology market
  • Google has liaised with smartphone manufacturers and Apple to make it the default search engine on mobile devices. 

Google’s stock closed lower on Friday but trading higher on premarket, due to overall market recovery. GOOGL: NASDAQ premarket is up 0.44%