Hacking of Japanese crypto exchange Liquid saw the attackers walk away with at least $90 million worth of digital currencies, according to CNBC

  • Liquid said the hackers were transferring the digital assets into four different wallets.
  • The crypto exchange said it was investigating the attack and will provide regular updates, suspending all deposits and withdrawals on the platform.
  • Analysts are pointing to a high figure of at least $94 million worth of cryptocurrency compromised in the hacking attack. 
  • Blockchain analyst Elliptic speaks of the total hack, hackers were converting $45 million into Ethereum through decentralized exchanges to avoid assets being frozen.

Liquid processed more than $133 million of transactions in the past 24 hours and ranks among the top 20 global crypto exchanges. BTCUSD is down -0.19%, ETHUSD is down -0.81%.