Iran authorities seized about 45,000 bitcoin mining machines claimed to operate using illegally subsidized electricity, according to Coindesk. The application-specific integrated circuit (ASIC) machines were purportedly consuming 95 megawatts per hour of electricity at a reduced rate.

  • Iran has faced recent blackouts across major cities which have been blamed in part on cryptocurrency mining, drawing the attention of authorities.
  • Earlier this month, Iranian authorities shut down 1,620 illegal cryptocurrency mining farms said to have collectively used 250 megawatts of electricity over the past 18 months.
  • In July last year, Iran penned a registration directive forcing miners to disclose their identities and the size of their mining farms and equipment type.
  • Cryptocurrency researcher Ziya Sadr has defended miners that they had nothing to do with the Iran blackouts since they make up a “very small” proportion of overall electricity capacity in the country.

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